Soundtrack Review: Don Giovanni In Sicilia

Soundtrack Review: Don Giovanni In Sicilia

Don Giovanni In Sicilia Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Don Giovanni In Sicilia by Bruno Nicolai.

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Don Giovanni In Sicilia is an Italian mini series in three parts that aired in 1977. The motion picture from 1967 is also called Don Juan in Sicily and I guess this is the television version of that film which was scores by Armando Trovaioli. Now I don’t know if it is a direct remake, but the original film was about Giovanni Percolla who lives in Catania surrounded by three sisters. He’s a player and acts like a Don Juan, but the truth is he has no idea about women at all. He and a friend moves to Rome, but he can’t stop thinking about the women and the fantasies it entails. One day however he meets a woman that changes his thinking. Will he change as a man? Will he be happy with just one woman? It’s a drama / comedy and the score is composed by Bruno Nicolai.

‘In Sicilia’ stars with a nice guitar theme and the classing “sproing” sound that many Spaghetti Westerns use. The most memorable part is the whistling by another composer Alessandro Alessandroni. That’s just the intro though as the main theme is mixing between a non-whistle part that use both accordion and harpsichord and the whistling part. It’s very Italian, very 70s, very romantic and lovely. ‘A Letto’ is another romantic theme, very beautiful and low-key using the accordion and guitar. The mandolin is also present as it should be. It is perfect for the classic Italian romance. I like this one even better than the opening theme. ‘Le Sorelle’ is more of the same, but I love the energetic accordion part from 1:40 which sets it apart form what I’ve heard so far. It is a very varied score using a lot of instruments. It’s not too complex, but it has its moments. ‘Mediterranea’ for example has a an almost 90 second intro with “sproings” before it gets going in a very comedic music sequence with the harmonica as counter-balance. ‘Le Sorelle’ is actually many cues with the same names. Take cue 7 for example which has that fun accordion part of ‘Le Sorelle’ cue 7 as intro. I think that whole “sproing” thing that was overused in ‘Mediterranea’ takes the madness to a whole new level with ‘Marranzanu’ which is a whole cue of 93 seconds filled with it. Skip that one.

I told you this score was varied. ‘Teatrino’ is a medieval sounding “court” cue, like romance through the times. Theatrical and fun. ‘Don Giovanni’ is Giovanni’s role model and the theme for the master romancer is filled with energetic positive vibes with a slightly comedic approach. It’s like a waltz really, a waltz Bruno Nicolai style. It is certainly the most “loud” cue so far, but that doesn’t bother me. I think it’s charming. I guess I’m a romantic at heart because it’s those cues I keep coming back to. Cue 13, another ‘Le Sorelle’ is interesting because the first part is all about the romance, but the second half is dark drama and it’s the darkest music I’ve heard in this score so far, but of course if we compare to darker dramas and thriller score, this still sounds kind of upbeat. The fanfare ending is particularly intriguing. Remember ‘Mediterranea’ cue 4 with the 90 second “sproing” intro? Well there’s another cue called ‘Mediterranea’ which is cue 14 and that doesn’t have a single “sproing” in sight. This is a highly energetic cue and I love the theme in it, very upbeat and fun. ‘La Giostra’ needs to be mentioned. It’s a carnival or circus kind of cue with an Italian flair. Quite fun. ‘Sposalizio’ is using a big church organ which is a first for this score. Sounds like it could be a wedding. Surely no Giovanni’s wedding? ‘Ninetta’ is a polka of sorts, very well done and another cue that stands out for me. It continues with cue 22 ‘Le Sorelle’.

If you ae in the mood for some Italian romance sprinkled with diversity and a little bit comedy, then you’ll love this score. I had a great time with it. There were a couple of awkward moments in it, but it felt strong when it was most needed, the romance parts specially. Get this one from Kronos Records if you’re interested.

1. In Sicilia
2. A Letto *
3. Le Sorelle
5. Don Procopio
7. Le Sorelle
13. Le Sorelle
14. Mediterranea
15. Don Procopio
23. Luna Di Cibali
24. In Sicilia
27. A Casa Mia

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