Soundtrack Review: Don Jon (2013)

Soundtrack Review: Don Jon (2013)

Don Jon Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Don Jon by Nathan Johnson.

At a glance:

20 tracks
17 minutes of score
Geek Score: 61
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 0.37
Album Excellence: 2%
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Don Jon is probably a modern take on the famous womaniser Don Juan. Don Jon is set in a modern world where Jon is addicted to his porn, but then meets the girl of his dreams of course. Not exactly a surprising story, but the interesting cast makes it worth seeing. The score by Nathan Johnson is of an acquired taste I would say. The ‘Theme from Don Jon’ is exactly how the score is. A bit quirky, a bit funny, but almost never great or even very good. The only 23 seconds of entertainment I had was the 23 second dance track ‘My Ride’. Other than that, I didn’t find too much to enjoy here. It’s mostly a strange mix of comedy and thumping dance music, mostly the former.

To add insult to injury the score has 20 cues, but only contains 17 minutes of score, so the cues are crazy short and that’s not going to make a very enjoyable score to listen to. This score is much better to listen to in context while watching the film.

05. My Ride

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