Soundtrack Review: Dragon Fantasy Book II (2013)

Soundtrack Review: Dragon Fantasy Book II (2013)

Dragon Fantasy Book II soundtrack review: This is a review of the video game score Dragon Fantasy Book II by Dale North.

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43 tracks
85 minutes of score
Geek Score: 73.4
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 17.05
Album Excellence: 20%
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Dragon Fantasy Book II is a retro JRPG kind og game release for PS3 and PS Vita last year. Here’s the thing though, I know almost nothing about the JRPG genre, what’s supposed to be good, and what kind of music is good for this genre. I do love a bit of retro sounding music though and this score certainly have some of that.

I would say that this score is entertaining, but definitely of a genre I don’t listen nearly enough. It is not a western type of retro score, or chip music as some would call it. I can definitely feel the Japanese style of scoring here, and that’s why I think it will fit the game perfectly. As a standalone listen it’s a mixed bag for me, but this is one of the first retro JRPG soundtracks I have heard, but I will definitely explore the genre further.

I will probably not listen to this again for a long time, but it has gotten me curious about this genre of music and I want to explore some more.

6. Gutsy Tactics
8. Coconuts And Pirate Huts
12. Ships and Stones
19. Hypothecary
27. To Lands Beyond
28. Black Majesty
37. Reminiscence of Journey

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