Soundtrack Review: Drive

Soundtrack Review: Drive

Drive Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Drive by Cliff Martinez.

“Not a particularly strong score, but a consistent one.”

Drive is a film about a Hollywood stunt driver (Ryan Gosling) who has a shady job as a wheelman and a getaway driver on the side. Something goes awfully wrong with a heist and someone puts a contract on his head. Director Nicolas Windong Refn is not one for high profile composers, and Cliff Martinez is probably his biggest so far.

Track List

6. Rubber Head ****
7. I Drive ****
8. He Had A Good Time ****
9. They Broke His Pelvis ****
10. Kick Your Teeth ***
11. Where’s The Deluxe Version? ***
12. See You In Four ***
13. After The Chase ***
14. Hammer *****
15. Wrong Floor ***
16. Skull Crushing ***
17. My Name On A Car ****
18. On The Beach **
19. Bride Of Deluxe ****

Like most Cliff Martinez scores, this one borders on pure electronica, but not what you would expect. It’s mostly ambient tracks, a bit Brian Eno, as you can hear in cues like ‘I Drive’, ‘He Had A Good Time’ and ‘They Broke His Pelvis’. It’s certainly nothing you would expect from a crime/action drama like Drive. You can also hear influences from his previous scores, particularly Traffic.

This score will either drive you off the wall, furious because of what you would expect in a film like this, but for me personally, it’s not so bad. It’s below The Lincoln Lawyer, which he scored previously this year, but still it has a very nice sound to it. It’s a mellow score to relax with, perhaps while you are driving. I am curious to what it feels like in the film. Most likely the score is drowned in the special effects and the onscreen action.


A score like this is not going to go down well with the orchestra score fans. It is pretty much all electronic and very ambient and laid back. This year hasn’t been the greatest in terms of scores, but at least Drive is a bit different from the norm. Not a particularly strong score, but a consistent one. Pick it up if you enjoy laid back electronica or Cliff Martinez style of scoring.

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