Soundtrack Review: Ducktales Remastered

Soundtrack Review: Ducktales Remastered

Ducktales Remastered soundtrack review: This is a review of the video game score Ducktales Remastered by Jake Kaufman & Capcom.

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87 minutes of score
Geek Score: 100
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 87.2
Album Excellence: 100%
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I never had the pleasure of owning a NES or play the legendary platformer Ducktales by Capcom, but somehow I know the music for parts of it and I’m not talking about the classic Ducktales theme by Mark Mueller. I played a completely different Ducktales game on my Amiga, but that’s another story. Ducktales Remastered is a remake of the old classic with upgraded sights and sound. The composer is Jake Kaufman who I assume is perfect for this job as he has proven to be one of the pioneers of chipmusic in recent years.

I’ve played the remastered version a little bit and it’s awesome. The great playability with added HD graphics and a superb soundtrack I have to say makes it a most enjoyable experience. The updated Ducktales score by Jake Kaufman is so incredibly catchy. Just the opening level theme ‘Money Bin’ is a track I love to listen to again and again and then you have more orchestral cues like ‘Trouble In Duckburg’ and ‘Quack-A-Rooney’ which are just perfect additions to this already superb score. Kaufman has an amazing ability to make the more comedic slapstick cues sound likeable and fun, which is something most composers struggle with.

My favourite theme (and I suspect everyone else) is of course ‘The Moon’. It is so beautiful, both in the original version and the upgraded version. I am addicted to it really. There’s of course more great themes here like ‘Scrooge’s Office’ that will have you bookmarking this score as one of the best game scores of 2014.

As a fun added bonus, they have included the original score by Capcom in all it’s glory and it’s magnificent! Do yourself a favour and get this score if you love great thematic music presented in both original and updated versions.

1. Title Theme
2. Trouble In Duckburg
3. Money Bin
4. Quack-A-Rooney
5. Scrooge’s Office
6. I’ll Be A Roast Duck
7. The Amazon
8. Transylvania
9. Well Bless Me Bagpipes
10. African Mines
11. The Himalayas
12. The Moon
13. I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This
14. Boss Battle
15. Mount Vesuvius
16. Dracula Duck
17. The Dime Chase
18. Game Over
19. Gyro’s Hidden Stage
20. Or Rewrite History
21. Death
22. Stage Complete
23. Magic Coin
24. The Richest Duck In The World
26. The Moon (Piano Arrangement)
27. Title Theme (8-bit version)
28. Trouble In Duckburg (8-bit version)
29. Money Bin (8-bit version)
30. Quack-A-Rooney (8-bit version)
31. Scrooge’s Office (8-bit version)
32. The Amazon (8-bit version)
33. Transylvania (8-bit version)
34. Well Bless Me Bagpipes (8-bit version)
35. African Mines (8-bit version)
36. The Himalayas (8-bit version)
37. The Moon (8-bit version)
38. I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This (8-bit version)
39. Boss Battle (8-bit version)
40. Mount Vesuvius (8-bit version)
41. The Dime Chase (8-bit version)
42. Game Over (8-bit version)
43. Gyro’s Hidden Stage (8-bit version)
44. Or Rewrite History (8-bit version)
45. Stage Complete (8-bit version)
46. Magic Coin (8-bit version)
47. The Richest Duck In The World (8-bit version)

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