Soundtrack Review: Earthly Eden

Soundtrack Review: Earthly Eden

Earthly Eden Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Earthly Eden by Yuri Poteyenko.

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Earthly Eden is a 2015 Russian drama film directed by Alexandr Proshkin and starring Evgeniy Tsyganov, Chulpan Khamatova and Ekaterina Smirnova. It’s an adaption of Aleksandr Vampilov’s classic play Duck Hunt. A great life upswing. A career breakthrough. Rekindling of an old flame in relationships with his wife – a beautiful, kind and gentle Galina . A move into an elite neighborhood – into local provincial Eden. Viktor Zilov is heaped with gifts of fortune so generously that he seems to be blessed. But why he cannot just accept these presents of fortune? And receiving a funeral wreath while he is alive is Zilov’s only destiny? The score is composed by Yuri Poteyenko.

This score is featured on the album “The Forbiddance” by KeepMoving Records. The score opens with ‘Hunting And Love’, a very “old” sounding love theme in the way of John Barry perhaps, but more to the point, it sounds beautiful. It is a “sound” I miss these days in modern scores and it’s great to have it available again. The undertones of it is more serious though, like a seedy thriller, but the romance is definitely in the air. ‘New Boat’ is far more tragic sounding, and very serious sounding. It’s almost like doom and darkness, almost in horror mode. ‘Good Friend’ is more upbeat again with a lovely re-use of the main theme in a more jazz-inspired way. It’s great to hear a modern score with the old romantic sound even though it seems to be over-using the main theme. Personally I don’t mind as I love the main theme. It’s not a fantastic theme, up there with the best, but it fits well and really puts me in a romantic mood.

Perhaps the most interesting cues are the ones not using the main theme such as ‘Despair’ which has a dramatic theme on it’s own. The “despair” theme is delightful as well, lovely build up and ostinatos with the added feel of quality and great construction makes it a winner for me and perhaps the best cue on the score. A similar cue is ‘Unanswered Call’ that use the same theme, and it’s another beauty, at least for the first half. The second half is filled with sadness and anger, just like ‘New Boat’. Granted, the material is a bit thin. The entire score is spinning around a few basic ideas, but the essence of those ideas are great and it gives me a bit of nostalgia kick which is rare these days and if that happens, it’s usually 80s synths or Zimmer’s 90s action period. So in short, get this little gem.

1. Hunting And Love
3. Good Friend
4. After Party
5. A Romantic Encounter
6. Despair
8. A Romantic Encounter (Alternate)
11. Good Friend (Alternate)
12. Dinner With Friends
14. End Credits

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