Soundtrack Review: El Pueblo Del Sol

Soundtrack Review: El Pueblo Del Sol

El Pueblo Del Sol Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score El Pueblo Del Sol by Lee Holdridge.

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40 minutes of score
Geek Score: 100
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 39.83
Album Excellence: 100%
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El Pueblo Del Sol (The People Of The sun) is a 1983 IMAX documentary directed by Alberto Isaac that captures not only the visual delights of Mexico in 1983, but also grasps the day-to-day life of a people in a land filled with future promise. One is mesmerized by rich images of such natural beauties as the Isla Contoy in the Caribbean, Copper Canyon in the Chihuahua Sierra, the Paricutin Volcano, and Ensenada’s Bay. The movie itself is only about 20 minutes but the score that we are presented with is 40 minutes which is always a treat.

The music is soaring, sweeping and beautiful. The score is performed by The London Symphony Orchestra and they sound amazing as usual. ‘Festival Of The Sun’ is the opening cue and it is terrific and could be part of an exciting adventure movie. The romantic opening on ‘Landscapes – Haciendas, Nature, Industry sounds like something that could have been an epic track on James Horner’s Braveheart album 12 years later. The pompous ‘Mosaic Of Tourism’ sounds like a fanfare from heaven. It’s beautiful. Ok, so this score doesn’t exactly sound Mexican apart from perhaps ‘Dreams’, but that’s fine. I would love it if it did, but it’s so gorgeous as it is so for me it doesn’t matter. The music always wins. ‘Historic Moments – Independence, Foreign Intervention, The Era Of Porfirio Waltz’ is another great one where Holdridge mix genres and even add a trumpet reveille in there and ends in a waltz.

This s proper old school orchestral rousing music and I can’t imagine anyone not loving this.

1. Festival Of The Sun
2. Pulse Of Progress
3. Landscape – Haciendas, Nature, Industry
4. Ancient Cultures
5. Mosaic Of Tourism
6. Dreams
7. Interlude
8. Origins
9. Historic Moments – Independence, Foreign Intervention, The Era Of Portfirio

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