Soundtrack Review: Eloise

Soundtrack Review: Eloise

Eloise Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Eloise by Ronen Landa.

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Geek Score: 74.7
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 5.9
Album Excellence: 12.4%

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Eloise is a 2017 American horror film directed by Robert Legato and starring Chace Crawford, Eliza Dushku & Brandon T. Jackson. Set in a defunct insane asylum known as ‘Eloise,’ four friends break into the abandoned institution in hopes of finding a death certificate, which will grant one of them the rights to a sizable inheritance. While inside the asylum, the group not only finds that Eloise houses a horrifying history but also the truth about their own tragic pasts. The score is composed by Ronen Landa.

Just prior to this, I listened to Landa’s other score recently released called "A Rising Tide" and I was thinking to myself where I have put Landa on the scoring map. To me he’s a horror composer first and foremost thanks to "At The Devil’s Door" and the very scary "The Pact". But it was really interesting listening to a romantic drama score by him and he pretty much nailed it. I was moved. As good as that score was, I’m more excited to hear this one because I think his talents are huge when it comes to horror scoring and hopefully he can continue that trend. The score opens with ‘Eloise: Overture’ and you know, overtures are sadly underrated in today’s scoring market. However overtures are supposed to be big and bold, making a huge splash and statement prior to the actual film score. This one is sadly not so interesting, but it’s clear that we’re in horror land. It’s a mix of orchestral music, sound effects and electronica, but it’s not quite what I had hoped for.

A bump in the road doesn’t matter as long as you recover nicely however. Landa follows up with a slightly better cue, ‘A Timeless Ride’, more focused this time, but I really need some scares. This is probably just me misunderstanding the movie itself. Maybe it’s not very scary or dealing with the supernatural. Maybe it’s an exploratory movie featuring kids running around inside an asylum on some stupid mission and now they’re all in danger. Sadly there’s no danger of being even a too scared with this score, a far cry from the super effective "The Pact". However, there’s a few cues that gets the pulse racing like ‘Transorbital’ and ‘A Watery Grave’. It’s funny how his romantic drama score is the big winner this fall and not a horror score where most probably know him from. I just think this is a movie where Landa should have skipped and gone for the more supernatural non-jump horror scene where he can again lead with his great and terrifying music. This is just a bump in the road though, and I’m sure Landa will recover well and I’m looking forward listening to his next score, horror or not.

9. Transorbital
10. A Watery Grave

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