Soundtrack Review: Enter The Dragon

Soundtrack Review: Enter The Dragon

Enter The Dragon Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Enter The Dragon by Lalo Schifrin.

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18 tracks
60 minutes of score
Geek Score: 91.1
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 32.73
Album Excellence: 55%
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How do you review the scores to one of th best martial arts movies ever made? I am of course talking about Lalo Schifrin’s classic score to the 1973 martial arts movie Enter The Dragon starring Bruce Lee, John Saxon and Jim Kelly. This movie has a big place in the world of martial arts and the score is unique and interesting as only Lalo Schifrin could in the 70s. The jazz-infused funky music he put in the movies back in the 70s sure was exciting and this is no different. Everyone has probably heard the main title with the screams of Bruce Lee in there, but the version we hear first ‘Main Titles’ is scream-free, but equally cool. ‘Theme From Enter The Dragon’ is the one I remember most with the uber-cool Bruce Lee flexing his muscles kicking bad guys asses.

The score was just released in an expanded form from Aleph Records and I am so lucky to have secured a copy. The music is just as good as I remembered it, even the calm music like in ‘Su-Lin (The Monk)’. It is however, like it or not, strongly linked to the catchy main theme. That is what I will remember from it even after listening to the score and that’s what most people will remember.

It’s great to finally have an expanded version of this score on CD and I have to say, it sounds pretty good. The main title might be the headliner, but there are some great cues in here for uninitiated.

1. Prologue – The First Fight
2. Main Titles *
3. Su-Lin (The Monk)
7. Headset Jazz
8. The Gentle Softness
9. Into The Night
11. Bamboo Birdcage
14. The Big Battle
16. End Titles *
17. Them From Enter The Dragon *
18. Main Titles (Alternate) *

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