Soundtrack Review: Fable Legends The Rosewood

Soundtrack Review: Fable Legends The Rosewood

Fable Legends The Rosewood Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score Fable Legends The Rosewood by Russell Shaw.

At a glance:

Geek Score: 80.6
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 16.6
Album Excellence: 25.5%

How are the scores calculated and what does it mean?

Fable Legends is a cancelled cooperative action role-playing video game developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Microsoft announced the cancellation of the game on 7 March 2016. The servers officially shut down on 13 April 2016. The game was based around four Heroes and a Villain. Each role may be filled by a player via online multiplayer or by an AI. The same game experience was possible regardless of multiplayer or single player (with four AI). All of the game’s story and quests could have been played single player, using AI heroes as sidekicks or enemies. It was possible to play through the game’s content as either a Hero or as a Villain. During each quest, the four Hero characters must use teamwork to succeed in their objectives, while the Villain player opposes them with an army of creatures. The score is composed by Russell Shaw.

There are two scores out for Fable Legends. I recently reviewed A Tale Of Two Sides which was truly excellent. This is the second album called The Rosewood which I hope is just as excellent. The score opens with ‘Title Theme’ which is exactly the same opening theme as A Tale Of Two Sides, so yeah, excellent. Now the score begins and unlike A Tale Of Two Sides, it is not divided into chapters, but it seems to a whole CD dedicated to The Rosewood story. You had a few Rosewood chapters in the previous scores, but I assume that this is all new music. After being spoiled with the epic music in A Tale Of Two Sides, I stupidly expected it to be more of the same in The Rosewood. I think a big part of the reason it was so epic was that it was more tight and chapter based. This seems like a bigger story with all its ups and down.

Sure it has some epic moments, but there’s a lot of less epic stuff as well if you can stomach it. This require more listens and I should have listened to this one first to be fair. It’s still a fun score, adventurous and fits the universe. It is more light and comedic overall than it’s bigger sibling, and maybe that rubs you the wrong way. I am initially disappointed by that, but I totally understand the change in direction. It has the same production value of A Tale Of Two Sides, it’s sounding great, but I totally expected that. Disappointments aside, there’s some great music here and I’ll have to listen to it more than a couple of times, and at another time to fully appreciate it.

1. Title Theme
4. Albion Awaits
5. Redcaps Lurking
7. Over The Bridge
13. The White Rose
15. The Lady Revealed
22. Save Rhubarb
25. The Ancient Doors

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