Soundtrack Review: Fantastic Lies

Soundtrack Review: Fantastic Lies

Fantastic Lies Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the documentary score Fantastic Lies by Jeff Cardoni.

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Fantastic Lies is a 2016 American documentary film directed by Marina Zenovich. One night in Durham, North Carolina, a rape accusation set fire to the reputations of three college athletes and their elite university. As the Duke lacrosse players grappled with their transition from model student to the criminally accused, several wars were launched on different fronts. As a war in the courtroom between a rogue prosecution and the defense got underway, wars in the public arena raged between town and gown, black and white, moneyed and poor. With the help of key participants, we reveal what really happened at the Duke Lacrosse team party on March 13th 2006, and we deconstruct the incredible events of a year that changed the participants’ lives forever. The score is composed by Jeff Cardoni.

I remember reading about this scandal, but not much in the way of details. I’m not American so maybe it didn’t phase me that much, but I like the fact that a documentary has been made about it and we got a score from Jeff Cardoni. The score opens with the title cue ‘Fantastic Lies’ and it’s a fantastic minimalistic piece, and that’s no lie. There’s so much emotion in that simple but evocative piano that Cardoni use. It doesn’t need more than that. It’s exactly what it does need. Around 55 seconds in the music goes over into an inspirational form with more power and more strings. Beautiful ostinato and powerful build up. Yep, this is my kind of music. I’m in love. With music like this I imagine that many thoughts are being produces as you watch and listen. Already I’m in thinking mode and the second cue ‘Mike Pressler’ is equally thought provoking and beautiful. Beautiful turns dark, but it’s still great in ‘Party Gone Wrong’, even though I definitely prefer the more calming sound of ‘Season Cancelled’.

Things are indeed getting very serious and Cardoni’s score emphasises it with his moody score. Sometimes it’s very dark and sometimes quite rhythmic like ‘Cell Phone Records’. It’s like an investigative story here and the music makes it easy to create your own images and story. I think it’s important in a documentary score to not only tell the story musically exactly the way it is, but to also add your own ideas in there and try to create a sound or a living story by itself. I feel that Cardoni has succeeded with this for the most part. While not everything is great, it’s a thinking man’s score where the calmest parts becomes the most noisy. Check it out.

1. Fantastic Lies
2. Mike Pressler
3. Party Gone Wrong
4. Season Cancelled
10. I Have The Truth
14. The Indictment Scene
18. Proven Innocent *

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