Soundtrack Review: Fringe Season 3 (2012)

Soundtrack Review: Fringe Season 3 (2012)

Fringe Season 3 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Fringe Season 3 by Chris Tilton.

“Fringe Season 3 is a good score, but ultamitely a big disappointment for me.”

I don’t know about you, but Fringe is getting better with every season and I think season 3 was the darkest and most enjoyable so far. The music has also been a great happiness of mine and I was highly anticipating this. Chris Tilton is all alone this time and no help from his pals Michael Giacchino and Chad Seiter. I wouldn’t be worried… would you?

Track List

1. The Escape From Liberty Island 60
2. Slow Motion Sickness 80
3. Newton’s Last Mission 60
4. May the Best World Win 80
5. Sneaking Sense of Liberty 80
6. Hot Brief Injection 60
7. Capturing the Dunhams 80
8. Take It to the Tank 80
9. The Original Dunham 80
10. I Thought She Was You 60
11. My So-Called Strife 80
12. Olivia 60
13. The Firefly 80
14. Best Chase Scenario 100
15. The Observers 60
16. Reciprocity 60
17. The Persistence of Walternate’s Vision 80
18. Imagination Building 80
19. The House of Birth 80
20. Oppenheimer Maneuvers 60
21. Wwpd 80
22. Singe and Surge 80
23. Peter 80
24. Apocalypse in Judgement 60
25. As the Crowbar Flies 60
26. Wake Up and Smell the Catastrophe 80
27. The Way the World Crumbles 80
28. Walter Skelter 60
29. A Universe for a Universe 80
30. Funeral Pyre Straits 80
31. The Mourning After 60
32. We Are a Strange Loop 80
33. The Vanishing Bishop 80
34. Fringe Division 80

So far, Fringe Season 1 by Chris Tilton, Chad Seiter and Michael Giacchino ranks for me amongst the best television scores ever made and Fringe Season 2 isn’t that far behind. Naturally Fringe Season 3 is another highly expected score for me this year. It’s all Chris Tilton this time and personally I love season 3 of Fringe on television. Shame that the ratings aren’t the best because it’s really awesome TV. The score itself is filled to the brim with 76 minutes of music. Just a shame that a lot of it is wasted.

I’m not sure why, but season 3 sounds like a boring trip to the museum compared to the previous seasons which were more like thrill-seeking adventure rides. Everything has been toned down and it suffers because of it and I suffer a lot because of it. It contains many good cues, but only one really good cue called ‘Best Case Scenario’ which has some of the power and energy I felt in love with on the previous albums.

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Fringe Season 3 is a good score, but ultimately a big disappointment for me. There’s just not much to be excited about here and I honestly feel like someone robbed me of 76 minutes of potentially great music.

Geek Score: 73.5

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