Soundtrack Review: Fuego

Soundtrack Review: Fuego

Fuego Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Fuego by Aritz Villodas.

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Total Minutes Of Excellence: 13.2
Album Excellence: 30.78%

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Fuego AKA Fire is a 2014 Spanish drama film directed by Luis Marias and starring Jaime Adalid, Izaskun Barroso and Leyre Berrocal. One day, someone puts a bomb on Carlos car and kill his wife and leaves his daughter of 10 years old without legs. Eleven years later, he lives in Barcelona with his daughter but he never forgot the past, the hate, the suffering of that accident. Now he is planning his revenge. The score is composed by Aritz Villodas.

Preconception is a funny concept and a potentially misleading one. It goes hand in hand with anticipation. For example, I was expecting a dark drama score, nearing thriller territory. Will i be proven wrong or right? ‘Main Titles’ open with a dark and delicious cello theme. This is a dark and mysterious world, one I want to explore. ‘To Bilbao’ further explores the darkness. I think I’m right about the dark drama. It’s not quite thriller/horror material, but it’s certainly not a happy sound I’m hearing. ‘Into The Hell’ delves further into this dark world and it has a great little ostinato going 45 seconds in, draped in dark cello and piano. I’ll take some of that.

With ‘Oihana’ and specially ‘Flashback’ we’re getting a lot closer to that evil axis of thriller/horror, in fact I think we’re past the point of no return. This is dark and evil music. The strings aren’t playful anymore. All they want to do is just ricochet of each other. But wait, there’s hope, even raw emotion in ‘Alba’. A pining love perhaps? It feels sad though, like someone’s loss, but the theme is very beautiful and heartfelt. ‘Aritz’ feels a bit more upbeat and hopeful, switching out the strings for piano. It’s when you stick out your head from the darkness that you feel most happy and I don’t know, the music touched me emotionally. Perhaps it was because I was awaiting more darkness, but instead I was ready for some instant emotional release and I got it in those cues. I love those little prickles of sunlight hitting me with subsequent cues that sound as hopeful as the opening sounded hopeless. The score is a journey and I’m happily let it take me where it wants to go. If I were to draw a graph it would start with darkness, then in the middle go into sadness, some hopeful sadness and back to sadness again. It’s a very thought provoking score and I can only imagine the movie which is about consumption of hate, the lust for revenge. The score could be even more in-your-face decisive about it and I would love it even more if it did, but the score has got me through a number of emotions and taken me on a deep, dark and rewarding journey.

1. Main Title
6. Alba
7. Aritz
8. The Fire Inside Me
9. Paper Arms
11. At The Kitchen
16. Mother And Son
21. End Credits

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