Soundtrack Review: Fury

Soundtrack Review: Fury

Fury Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Fury by Steven Price.

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67 minutes of score
Geek Score: 92.6
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 46.48
Album Excellence: 69%
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Having won an oscar for the score to Gravity last year, you can say that there are some expectations involved when Steven Price’s new score to David Ayer’s Fury arrives. David Ayer has recently collaborated with composer David Sardy, but this time he chose Steven Price to go with the action war movie Fury. It looks bleak, harsh and humorless, which is the point of the whole film. It’s supposed to tell us what World War 2 was really like. Steven Price gives us an interesting take on this. Already in the opening cue ‘April, 1945’ you can hear what the score is like. It’s very serious stuff. Price is using subtle sound effects in the music like a tank driving or the pull of a grenade safety handle, but that’s not something new for him, he seems to use it in every score. I also thought it was interesting that there’s a lot of chanting and I’m talking Dark Knight Rising Bane kind of chanting.

In the cue ‘The War Is Not Over’ we hear the chanting again, but at the end there’s a powerful heroic theme, and that’s where the similarities to Gravity is. This is a much darker affair though, and there’s a lot more happening here than in Gravity. The score is quite busy adding layers upon layers of instruments, choir and sound effects. There’s a lot of electronic sound design her as you would expect from Price, but there’s also some cello involved at time for the human connection. This score is made for the killing machines of World War 2 though, the tanks. The mix of heroic themes, violent chanting, sound effects and sound design makes this a very desirable listen for me.

As for great cues, it has so many from soft ballads like ‘Emma’ to epic action cues like ‘Tiger Battle’. He does that thing that gave Price a lot of praise for Gravity. He makes the score so believable, so tense and still give us those epic and inspirational hero moments. Cues like ‘Emma’, ‘This Is My Home’ and particularly ‘Machine’ gives my soundtrack heart the service it requires. It’s not as often as you might think, but this time around Steven Price has hit the sweet spot (yet again) and I’m sure it’s as great in the film as it is on album.

1. April, 1945
2. The War Is Not Over
6. The Beetfield
7. Airfight
8. The Town Square
9. The Apartment
10. Emma
11. Tiger Battle
13. This Is My Home
14. Machine
16. Still In This Fight
17. I’m Scared Too
19. Norman

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