Soundtrack Review: Game Of Thrones Season 4

Soundtrack Review: Game Of Thrones Season 4

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The series Game Of Thrones has become better and better musically. At first listen, I didn’t enjoy season 1, but later listens have proven me wrong, it’s a pretty good score. Then came season 2 and that was even better, but season 3 was phenomenal and genuinely one of the best television scores ever made. So no pressure then on season 4. Joking aside, I have been really looking forward listening to yet another season of Djawadi’s fantasy score.

What I loved about the season 3 score was that it felt epic, but without going all trailer. Sure, it had a few extraordinary action cues, but mostly it was just entertaining and soothing to listen to. Season 4 continues where season 3 left off. The cues are moody, but it doesn’t just float, it’s with purpose and the small themes hidden in every cue makes this an irresistible listen. For standout moments, ‘Thenns’ and ‘The Biggest Fire The North Has Ever Seen’ stick out, but in a good way. It’s far more brutal than most of the score, using heavy brass and horns to convey the message.

The bottom line is that this score is gorgeous. I am not a fan of the show itself, but I love the music which seems to get better and better with each season. If you loved the season 3 score, then this is a no-brainer.

1. Main Titles
3. Breaker Of Chains
4. Watchers On The Wall
5. I’m Sorry For Today
6. Thenns
7. Mereen
8. First Of His Name
9. The Biggest Fire The North Has Ever Seen
10. Thee Eyed Raven
11. Two Swords
12. Oathkeeper
13. You Are No Son Of Mine
14. The North Remembers
15. Let’s Kill Some Crows
16. Craster’s Keep
17. The Real North
18. Forgive Me
19. He Is Lost
20. I Only See What Matters
21. Take Charge Of Your Life
22. The Children

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