Soundtrack Review: Genius

Soundtrack Review: Genius

Genius Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Genius by Lorne Balfe.

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Geek Score: 96.2
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 57.2
Album Excellence: 85.4%

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Genius us a 2017 American anthology period drama television series created by Noah Pink & Ken Biller and starring Geoffrey Rush, Johnny Flynn & Samantha Colley. The first season is based on the 2007 book Einstein: His Life And Universe by Walter Isaacson. Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush stars as legendary intellectual Albert Einstein in this series that tracks the famed professor’s life. The story spotlights Einstein’s humble origins as a young, rebellious thinker and his struggles to be recognized by the establishment of academia before finally being accepted by his peers and achieving celebrity status following the disclosure of his theory of relativity. The series also delves into Einstein’s personal life, which includes complicated relationships with the likes of his two wives, two children, and the various women with whom he had extramarital affairs. The score is composed by Lorne Balfe.

I’ve watched around half of the first season and it’s a fascinating watch. The score hasn’t been too memorable in context, but I suppose it really comes through on album. The release on this score is a bit strange with a short EP coming first and then a volume 2 to complement it. I will be reviewing both scores in this review. The main theme ‘Genius’ is written and composed by Hans Zimmer and it’s a mix of orchestral and electronic music, but I love the violin part the most. I can understand the electronics as well. I mean it’s Einstein after all. Not Zimmer’s best, but certainly a very good theme. The main score is playing with both as well.

I like that the forceful string jabs also follow the score, not just the main theme. Einstein is passionate if nothing else and the music wants to show that as well. I think it’s pretty clear we can trust team Zimmer after the excellent The Crown and Genius is following a similar pattern, but with it’s own style. I love that some cues sound a bit messy in melody, yet clean in sound. ‘A Powerful Mind’ is an example of that. It’s perfect for Einstein. There are also a couple of great cues featuring retro synths. ‘Discoveries’ is one of them. Maybe it doesn’t quite fit because the sound is so different from the rest, but it’s so damn beautiful that I can’t ignore it. I wonder what they will do for season 2 which will be about Picasso. Will they keep Balfe or go with someone else? If the do decide to keep Balfe, it can’t be a bad thing as he proves time and time again. I have no qualms recommending you check out both the EP and volume 2 of this score, both of which are quite excellent.

1. Genius
2. Proving The Theory
3. Forbidden Love
4. Nobel Prize
5. Everything Is Connected
6. Natural Order
9. Time and Space

Volume II
1. Truth, Goodness And Beauty
2. A Powerful Mind
3. Solitude
4. Pure Mathematics
5. In Love With The Mind *
6. Discoveries *
7. Time Is But a Stubborn Illusion *
9. Patriotic
10. Noble Thoughts And Deeds
12. Never Stop Questioning *
13. Man Of Value
15. Universe
16. Father And Son
17. Everybody Is a Genius

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