Soundtrack Review: Halo The Fall Of Reach

Soundtrack Review: Halo The Fall Of Reach

Halo The Fall Of Reach Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Halo The Fall Of Reach by Tom Salta.

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Halo: The Fall Of Reach is a 2015 television animated mini series directed by Ian Kirby and starring Michelle Lukes. It is adapted from the original book, Halo: The Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund. It is set in the fictional Halo universe, taking place in the 26th century across several planets and locations. The novel details the events which led up to the game and explains the origins of the SPARTAN II super soldiers, narrating the story of the series protagonist, the Master Chief. The score is composed by Tom Salta.

I’ve enjoyed Tom Salta’s score to the smaller Halo games so I’m really curious about this one, a sort of prequel story, animated, made for tv. Could be good, could be great, I hope it really takes me where Salta’s game scores did. The score opens with ‘Send A Message’ a superhero sounding start. Really, this is the sort of music I would expect from Blake Neely in The Flash when introducing some new cool superhero. It’s great though, really enjoyable. It continues with the equally impressive ‘Choose Our Weapons’ which feature some vocals. The Halo games in general has always been choir friendly so it’s nothing new, but it’s still excellent. When vocals doesn’t work though, like in ‘Remembered Sins’ it just gets awkward.

If you’ve heard Salta’s Halo game scores, you will feel right at home with this one. It is a great companion score to those and that’s never a bad thing. The only thing I didn’t like was the number of short cues and there was a lot of those. There are so many cues I would love to hear more of, but they end abruptly and takes me to the next cue. Luckily the music is pretty great overall. The action is fun, and the Halo feel is intact with some great vocal performances and “dreamy” music like in ‘Another Walk In The Woods’. This isn’t a game changer, but it was never going to be. This is pure and simple fan service and if you’ve enjoyed music to Halo over the years, you should check out this one. I wonder if Tom Salta will ever get a chance to compose music for the main Halo series of games. If he did I’m sure he would do a great job. Check this one out if you need more Halo music (and who doesn’t?), but check it out anyway if you’re not a fan. You might just be enlightened.

1. Send A Message
2. Choose Our Weapons
4. More Than Luck
5. Steal Into Darkness
7. On Your Feet
9. All Or Nothing
11. Another Walk In The Woods
15. Spent Wisely
16. My Own Strength
23. Immoveable Object
31. Will You Follow Me

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