Soundtrack Review: Henry May Long

Soundtrack Review: Henry May Long

Henry May Long Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Henry May Long by Max Richter.

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Henry May Long is a 2008 American drama film directed by Randy Sharp and starred Christian Camargo, Joe Fuer & Brian Barnhart. Late in the nineteenth century, Henry May, New York’s golden child, has reached the end of a long road to self destruction. In debt and drug addicted, he is simply marking time until his eventual exile into poverty and oblivion. On the other side of the city Henry Long carefully observes May’s decline, devoting his brilliant mind to the constant surveillance of his former school friend. May and Long finally meet and begin a complicated and dangerous odyssey that leads them to the sea and beyond. The houses and families of New York’s golden age as well as the timeless underworld of the city are vividly brought to life as May and Long journey to the possible resolution of both their troubled lives. Both men discover what they have lost to get where they are, what they are willing to risk to get what they want and what they are willing to lose to live. The score is composed by Max Richter.

This score was released in 2009 by Mute Records, although in digital form only. Now it will be available for the first time on CD and Vinyl thanks to Deutsche Grammophon. This is a very early Richter. I think it’s his second major motion picture score. As much as I adore 2017 Richter, is the 2009 version a match? Let’s find out. The score opens with ‘Ocean House Mirror’, a beautiful opening theme with this absolutely gorgeous violin sound. This is pretty much what I would expect from Richter today, except he’s probably more minimalistic today. I’ve never thought of him as a classical John Williams-esque composer that can really bury himself into deep and intricate orchestral music. This is more Richter’s style and it looks like he has retained much of that style in 2017.

I think this is the earliest Richter score that I’ve heard and listening to it make me understand the status he has today. Already then, he showed what he can do with simple long orchestral lines of music. Pretty much every cue here is aimed for your emotional center and it hits me pretty hard. It’s just so beautiful to listen to and there’s nothing quite like laying down, put some headphones on and listen to this music and just lose myself into it. Let the world be the world, I’m taking this and making my own reality. Seriously, it’s great. If you’re a Richter fan, this is a must have.

1. Ocean House Mirror *
2. Stairs Abyss Starlight
3. Exit Top Hat Greeting
4. Waiting For Sunlight Evening
5. Interior Tears An Idea
6. Ending Doorway Pavement
7. Farewell Threshold Laudanum
8. Sofa Chess
9. Interior Horses
10. Whale Window Hotel 1
11. A Candle And Half A Pear
12. Powder Pills Truth
13. The Young Mariner
14. Dinner And The Ship Of Dreams

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