Soundtrack Review: House Of Cards Season 5

Soundtrack Review: House Of Cards Season 5

House Of Cards Season 5 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score House Of Cards Season 5 by Jeff Beal.

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Geek Score: 92.1
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 61.9
Album Excellence: 59.5%

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House Of Cards is an American political drama television series created by Beau Willimon and starring Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright & Michael Kelly. Set in 2010s Washington, D.C., House of Cards is the story of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), a Democrat from South Carolina’s 5th congressional district and House Majority Whip. After being passed over for appointment as Secretary of State, he initiates an elaborate plan to get himself into a position of greater power, aided by his wife, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). The series deals primarily with themes of ruthless pragmatism, manipulation, and power. This is the fifth season of the series the score is composed by Jeff Beal.

I don’t know exactly why the mere mention of House Of Cards is exciting to me. I gave it a chance when it was released in 2013 as one of the first big Netflix originals and I’ve been binging the hell out of it ever since. I’m not really a politics guy, but in the Underwood world, it’s compelling and exciting all the way. The music has always had a big role in the series as well, not in the big key moments, but infused into the very fabric of the show. I never quite the opening sequence for example and it’s not because of the images of Washington, but because in cooperation with the music is hypnotic. In the score, the main theme is not the first cue and there’s something very dramatic about the opening cue ‘Nothing To Be Afraid Of’, more so than usual. It’s complex, jazzy and exciting. It feels quite new as well, even though it’s clearly the sound of House Of Cards.

Then there’s the ‘House Of Cards Theme’ and luckily it hasn’t changed much yet there are subtle differences, this time by some extra string variations. Still as great and hypnotic as ever. The new season is about striking fear into the hearts of the people and opponents, and so some of the music will ominous like ‘Dial Up The Terror’. I would argue that this series has always been a political thriller, and perhaps the music has been a bit more “bright” than a typical political thriller, but it has worked so well in the series. In this season, the music takes on more of the characteristics of a thriller score. There’s even some cues that reminds me of Bernard Herrmann’s thriller music. Now whether you like it or not depends on whether you are willing to expand upon the House Of Cards universe. The characteristic horn music is less present than usual and there’s more piano and strings now. There’s still that mysterious jazzy vibe throughout which will keep you rooted, but this score might be upsetting to some. I embrace the darker side of House Of Cards. I have many seasons of proper House Of Cards music, and I like this new direction the show and score has taken me, but I’m still clinging a bit to past glory.

1. Nothing To Be Afraid Of
2. How We Met
3. House Of Cards Theme *
6. About My Father
7. Almost There
8. Is The Damper Open?
9. Tom Yates
10. Simple Truths
12. Tom, Stop
13. Where Are You
14. Are We Together
15. He Lived
16. Russians In Antarctica
17. Election Result
18. Artfully Confident
19. Then What
20. Access To Everything
21. New Election Day

3. Left For Dead
4. A Million Years Ago
10. Saved My Life
12. Don’t Go Their Way
14. Before I Take It Back
16. Implicate Yourself
17. Night Vigil
19. The One To Watch
20. Real Power
21. Women In Combat
22. Heavy Heart
26. Lee Ann Missing
27. Nuclear Codes

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