Soundtrack Review: I’m So Excited (2013)

Soundtrack Review: I’m So Excited (2013)

I’m So Excited Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score I’m So Excited by Alberto Iglesias.

I’m So Excited is the latest collaboration between director Pedro Almodóvar and film music composer Alberto Iglesias. They have been a team for quite some time now and their films and music usually gets high praise. For “I’m So Excited”, Iglesias has not brought his a-game I’m afraid. It’s a sort of neo-fusion jazzy score, but only in a few cues does it excite a little bit. ‘El Bello Durmiente’ for example is quite classy, but not quite excellent either. ‘Pasarela De Tripulantas’ is another good cue to add to the mix.

Most of the score you will struggle to get through cues like ‘Piano Bar’ and ‘Aterrizaje Inminente’, the first one a seedy cue that goes for sexy, but doesn’t quite get there. The latter goes for tense thriller cue with dark underscoring, but nothing to excite up top. I guess you can tell I’m not so excited for this score unfortunately. I just feel there should be a lot here to enjoy, specially after the first cue ‘El Bello Durmiente’ that is quite good.



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