Soundtrack Review: In Your Eyes

Soundtrack Review: In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score In Your Eyes by Tony Morales.

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20 tracks
43 minutes of score
Geek Score: 87
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 18.92
Album Excellence: 44%
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Tony Morales is getting himself about in the last couple of years and this is the first time I’ve heard a romantic comedy score from him. Should be interesting. The whole concept of the movie is interesting, but then you’d expect nothing less with Joss Whedon writing the script. The opening cue gives me some answers, but also more questions. It goes from a sweet pop style to a variation of Hans Zimmer’s ‘Time’ cue to some action before it ends. I must admit I probably enjoyed that more than I should.

The score seems to follow the timeline of the movie. There’s some shocks and drama in the beginning, some fast-paced, some more laid-back. ‘You’re Real’ is another interesting cue. Morales could have gone all dramatic here, but it’s more of a floating sleepy cue with some percussion. It’s not quite vintage Thomas Newman, but it could be compared to it. In fact the score could be a low key modern Thomas Newman score, but does it has an identity on it’s own? Well, maybe. As I listen to it I cant’ quite decide, but I’m leaning towards no. Even though it could be said that we’ve heard it all before, I really enjoy listening to it and isn’t that the whole point? It’s all about enjoyment and I’m really liking this score. Oh yes, I’m definitely going to watch the movie too.

1. In Your Eyes
5. 10pm Date
6. Did You Ever Go Sledding
7. Mirror
10. Rebecca Visits Phil
13. Quirks And Insecurities
15. Break Up
20. Together At Last

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