Soundtrack Review: Infinite Crisis

Soundtrack Review: Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score Infinite Crisis by Matthew Harwood.

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Geek Score: 95.7
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 63.8
Album Excellence: 88.6%

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Infinite Crisis is a 2015 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game based on the fictional universe of DC Comics, developed by Turbine and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, loosely based on the comic book series of the same name. The game features two squads of DC heroes and villains as they compete in combats across multiple destructive battlefields featuring in-game changing catastrophic events. It was a free-to-play game that was supported by micro-transactions. In Infinite Crisis, players assume the role of a character called “champion”, each with a set of unique abilities, battling with a team against other players or computer-controlled champions. In the most popular game mode, players control their champions and destroy enemy turrets and complete their objectives. In order to win, each team’s goal is to destroy the opposing team’s power core, a building which lies inside the enemy base achieved by destroying enemy drones and turrets.As of August 14, 2015, Infinite Crisis and its servers are shut down.

Well this was a very short lived venture. It was released in March and shut down in August so it feels like I’m reviewing a score to a relic, a dead universe. It was once a live universe though and we’ve had some fine scores to this universes like Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online and of course World Of Warcraft. This is a Superhero universe though, but I suspect that Harwood didn’t have the rights to use the Superman theme for example, but that’s fine as long as it is fun. I almost hope this score isn’t too good because no matter what, we’ll never hear more from this doomed universe. The score opens with ‘Time To Ready Up’ a very superhero-like way to start the score. It has a certain heroism about it, a certain ray of hope. It’s an excellent opener. The part at 3:19 specially reminds me of Superman, and I’m sure that’s no happy accident. ‘Gotham Patrol’ is darker, but complex and interesting. It doesn’t have the same theme development, but I’m enjoying it a lot anyway. It’s the heroes we’re here for though isn’t it and again with ‘The Resolve Of A Hero’ the heroics is back but paired with a slightly evil theme. The music though is of top notch quality. I can see this featured in a TV series or movie based on the DC superheroes.

I’m impressed that the quality seems to hold up with alarmingly high standards throughout the score. I was certain that at some point the quality has to give, but no. Harwood punches back with some killer themes almost with every single cue. He’s the real superhero here with music fit for anything but a dead universe. This is music that must live and will at least live on in memory as one of the finest superhero game scores ever created. As the ultimate fan service to every superhero fan ever lived (who also cares for great music), there’s a whole section of individual superhero / villain themes and what could be greater than that? Starting of course with Superman. ‘Hope (Superman’s Theme)’ a folksy theme with the Zimmer “train” feel to the percussion. Superman stands for hope and this theme is truly worthy of both the hero and the sentiment. Gorgeous. There are so many great themes, I’ll just let you discover them all. They’re not to be missed! Oh damn, this score turned out to be way too good, because this universe is already dead. It’s not coming back. Is the wonderful music dying with it? What a shame. Well, one thing is clear. Harwood needs to get back in the game and do some more heroic stuff, because he’s awesome at it.

1. Time To Ready Up
2. Gotham Patrol
3. The Resolve Of A Hero
4. Class 5 Leviathan *
5. This Fight Is Mine
6. Protector’s Theme
7. Readying For Battle
8. Coast City
9. Courage Tested
10. The Device
11. It’s Only The Beginning
12. A Matter Of Time *
13. A Transcendent Moment
14. Arrangements Have Been Made
15. The Heights Of Gotham
16. Ebb And Flow
17. Soldiers Of Gotham *
18. Hope (Superman’s Theme) *
20. Peace (Wonder Woman’s Theme)
21. Thrills (Catwoman’s Theme)
22. Justice (Batman’s Theme)
25. Chaos (Doomsday’s Theme)

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