Soundtrack Review: Into The Storm

Soundtrack Review: Into The Storm

Into The Storm Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Into The Storm by Brian Tyler.

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48 minutes of score
Geek Score: 92.2
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 32.52
Album Excellence: 68%
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You can tell it’s been a long time since the last Brian Tyler release. There’s a sensation of super excitement when I get to listen to yet another release and soon the will be a storm (pun intended) of Tyler scores to come. Let’s hope we don’t get burnt out. First up is the new “Twister”, or is that fair? It looks sort of the same and sort of different at the same time, but surely comparisons will be made because Twister was the last great tornado film out there.

Get ready to hold on to your hats, because Brian Tyler will literally dish out a storm of action here. Ok, that’s the last storm pun, I swear! Right from the beginning with ‘Into The Storm’ and ‘Atonement’ we are set properly into full-blown action mode and it’s good, really good. There’s a theme in there or two, but it’s a bit overblown by the action. I like the way Tyler treat his action cues. They sound kick-ass, but they sound so classy at the same time. He doesn’t even touch the “horn of doom” and just let it rip.

The first real standout cue for me has to be ‘Fate’ with a great build-up, a bit like, yes I’m going there, ‘Time’ by Hans Zimmer. ‘Providence’ provides more of the same. The theme sounds familiar, a bit Two Steps From Hell perhaps? In any case it’s absolutely goosebump time. ‘Aurora’ however might top it all. Oh Brian, when you take out your guitar I’m pretty much sold. If you loved Battle: Los Angeles, then you’ll get a kick of this cue like i did. If you thought ‘Into The Storm’ and ‘Atonement’ was as action as you can get, you better think again. ‘Titus Versus The Tornado’ and the first half of ‘Culmination’ is taking it up a notch.

Overall, this is a cracking score without any filler cues. It’s not all 5 star cues though, but even the 4 star cues have their role. I feel that this is an evolved and classy action score that perhaps could have used some more themes or used the themes that’s already present a bit more. I think Brian Tyler month started great and can’t wait to dig into Tyler’s whole catalogue of scores.

1. Into The Storm
2. Atonement
3. Fate
4. Titus Versus The Tornado
6. Culmination
8. Providence
9. The Fire Tornado
10. Evacuation And Interception
12. We Stand Together
17. The Power Of Nature
18. Aurora

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