Soundtrack Review: Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

Soundtrack Review: Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Invasion Of The Body Snatchers by Carmen Dragon.

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Album Excellence: 39.5%

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Invasion Of The Body Snatchers is a 1956 American science fiction film directed by Don Siegel and starring Kevin McCarthy, Dana Wynter and Larry Gates. It is based upon the science fiction novel of the same name by Jack Finney. In Santa Mira, California, Dr. Miles Bennell (Kevin McCarthy) is baffled when all his patients come to him with the same complaint: their loved ones seem to have been replaced by emotionless impostors. Despite others’ dismissive denials, Dr. Bennell, his former girlfriend Becky (Dana Wynter) and his friend Jack (King Donovan) soon discover that the patients’ suspicions are true: an alien species of human duplicates, grown from plant-like pods, is taking over the small town. The score is composed by Carmen Dragon.

Well this came out of nowhere. La-La Land Records usually don’t do to many of these Golden Age scores, but when they do, they’re usually great so I can’t wait to explore another 50s sci-fi score. Sadly I’ve only seen the various remakes of this film, something that has to be remedied soon. The score opens with ‘Main Title’ a highly dramatic cue with big blaring horns. The theme properly starts around a minute in, a highly dramatic theme, not something I will hum any day soon I’m sure (unless I see the movie), but it’s a fun theme and from an era of music that I enjoy very much. If you’re a fan of this era, you’ll surely enjoy the sweet love theme featured in ‘Here Comes My Love’. I certainly did. I enjoy how love turns to despair in ‘Somebody Stole My Man’.

I love the sinister piano which turns up in some cues. I’m listening to the opening of ’‘Where Are You? / Don’t Worry About Me’ and also around 2:40. It helps with the mood and to no doubt shock the viewer in parts where it’s needed. This score is so interesting though, and perhaps I’m far too deep into analysing mode to truly appreciate the music on it’s own. It doesn’t quite sound like other sci-fi scores from that era, well sometimes it does, but it’s more reminiscent of later sci-fi music. That’s what makes it really interesting for me and why it warrants a few extra listens. This is certainly something I need to hear in context. The score has some truly exciting moments like the big horn section in ‘Shadows In The Night / Hysteria’ which I truly appreciate. I saw on a forum that this title wasn’t selling well which saddens me, Why I wonder? This should be right up the classic soundtrack fan’s alley so to speak. It’s so interesting as well when compared to the other sci-fi music of that year such as The Space Children, Project Moon Base or The Day The Earth Stood Still for example. Where’s the theremin? This is probably why this score release is so important. It needed to be released and I’m so happy it was released. The sound quality is great and it should be sold out in a perfect world. Luckily for you though it doesn’t seem to be, so you can grab a copy right now and not only support great music, but fund similar releases in the future. It’s also on LP so grab it while you can!

1. Main Title
3. Here Comes My Love
4. Somebody Stole My Man
5. Where Are You? / Don’t Worry About Me
8. Shadows In The Night / Hysteria
9. The Voices
11. Suddenly
15. Out Of The Sky / No Choice

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