Soundtrack Review: Jaws The Revenge

Soundtrack Review: Jaws The Revenge

Jaws The Revenge Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Jaws The Revenge by Michael Small.

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In 1987, the fourth and last instalment in the Jaws series of films was released. Perhaps not so surprising, despite the fact that Jaws 3-D wasn’t exactly the best film ever, but it did do well at the Box Office. The fourth movie, Jaws 4 AKA Jaws: the Revenge was directed by Joseph Sargent and they did get Lorraine Gary back to play Ellen Brody which was the focus on the this film. They turned her into a hero, and perhaps she was modelled after Ellen Ripley from the Alien series of films. They couldn’t get Roy Scheider back, but they did get Lance Guest, Mario Van Peebles and Michael Caine which on paper isn’t bad at all. Particularly Lance Guest who was most known for playing Alex Rogan in The Last Starfighter got some critical acclaim for his role as Mike Brody which was played by Dennis Quaid in Jaws 3-D. As the title implies, the revenge, Ellen Brody is convinced that there’s a shark looking to get her and the rest of her family, a sort of revenge for the sharks they killed. Jaws: the Revenge sank pretty fast and barely made a dent at the Box Office and the movie was nominated for seven Razzie awards and is considered to be one of the worst movies of all time. Of course John Williams knew better than to come back to this dying franchise, so he was out of the question. Instead they found Michael Small who was known for mostly thriller films and wasn’t exactly a summer blockbuster guy just yet. Until now, there has only been a composer promo of the score, but finally someone managed to release the score and add a few extras and that is Intrada Records.

‘Jaws: The Revenge – Main Title’ starts with a monster-like growling sound, made by a very deep brass. But soon, John Williams’ famous Jaws theme starts playing, and I like Small’s adaptation of it. It is very exciting, and full of energy. He brings something new to the theme. ‘Sean Attacked’ brings back the “monster” growl, which is weird, because sharks don’t growl, but it sure is fun. Williams’ theme is used again and it’s all very exciting. Small is off to a good start. ‘Identification’ and ‘Run – Funeral’ are just building a mood, but the mood is one of question marks. What is it about? Just filler cues for me. ‘Flight To Bahamas’ is a bit more of the same. It’s a bit lacking in progression. With ‘Ellen’s Dream’ which is probably more of a nightmare brings back the fun though, particularly to the end where the shark is lurking. ‘Tagging The Conchs’ doesn’t have a sniff of sharks, but it does include a rather hopeful and good theme on it’s own.

‘Ellen Flies Plane’ is also quite hopeful and uplifting, and there’s an actual fanfare in here, sending off our hero Ellen to fight the evil sharks. ‘Shark Attacks Jake In Sled’ is an exciting but short action cue. I think it’s pretty much established now that I definitely prefer the action material. So far, I haven’t heard another theme or piece of music that is not action related that I felt was great like I did with Alan Parker’s score of Jaws 3-D. Just as I wrote this, ‘Saying Goodnight’ is playing and that is actually very sweet and good theme that I can love. Shame it’s so short. Now for something completely different. ‘Runaway Bay’ is a reggae inspire theme that made me feel nostalgic. It sounds like it could be in a classic video game I love called Monkey Island. After that is more of the same, but particularly the ending of the score with the particularly impressive ‘Jaws The Revenge – End Credits’, has me jumping for joy.

Jaws: The Revenge has some great music, but I will definitely cherry pick my favourite cues from this score and only keep that in my playlist. There are a lot of filler material here but I’m very happy to have it all. Small’s action, particularly at the beginning was great, truly energetic and fun. Of course there are other examples such as ‘Banana Boat (Revised Ending)’ and ‘Banana Boat (Original Ending)’ and others. The Jaws series of films has brought hours of great music and Jaws: The Revenge is no exception.

1. Jaws: The Revenge – Main Title *
2. Sean Attacked
12. Shark Attacks Jake In Sled
14. Saying Goodnight
15. Shark Takes Bait
16. Runaway Bay
24. Banana Boat (Revised Ending) *
26. Michael Runs For Help
27. Plane Buzzes Shark *
29. Killing Of Jake
30. Shocked Shark – The finish
31. Jaws The Revenge – End Credits *
33. Shark Attacks Jake In Sled (Alternate Take)
34. Banana Boat (Original Ending) *

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