Soundtrack Review: Jim The James Foley Story

Soundtrack Review: Jim The James Foley Story

Jim The James Foley Story Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the documentary score Jim The James Foley Story by Dan Romer.

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Jim: The James Foley Story is a 2016 American documentary film directed by Brian Oakes. On Thanksgiving Day 2012, American photojournalist James “Jim” Foley was kidnapped in Syria and went missing for two years before the infamous video of his public execution sent shockwaves and introduced much of the world to ISIS. Jim: The James Foley Story, by close childhood friend Brian Oakes, tells the story of his life through intimate interviews with his family, friends and fellow journalists – while fellow hostages reveal never-before-heard details of his captivity with a chilling immediacy that builds suspense. Made with unparalleled access, Jim: The James Foley Story is a harrowing chronicle of bravery, compassion and pain at the dawn of America’s war with ISIS. The score is composed by Dan Romer.

It is known, at least to me, that documentaries and Dan Romer goes well together, like wine and cheese etc. It’s true. Last year he really rocked my world with a couple of documentary scores and so I’m very excited to hear what’s in store for us this year starting with an interesting and heartbreaking story about James Foley. The score opens with ‘The Same Answer’ and the cue name couldn’t have been more perfect. I asked the question: Is the sound similar to what I know and love from Dan Romer? It’s the same answer as last year, a resounding yes. The heartfelt minimalistic style of Romer just sits perfectly with me and it’s impossible not to start thinking about life and the main character James Foley. The second cue is less impressive. ‘How We Fish’ is a very rhythmic piece, and with a nice melody, but it’s not the mood I seek. ‘The Frontline’ is even worse with strange sound experimentation. Hang on, this is going in the opposite direction of what I was hoping.

Luckily we get back on track with ‘This Is Hell’ and ‘Jim’s Return’ two classic Romer tracks, full of emotion while being everything else than upfront about it. This style of music just suits me. I miss it, and it astounds me how much I miss it too. Maybe it’s just Romer, or maybe it’s this sound in general. Probably a mix of the two and what a potent mix it is. Yep, at least some of what I love about Romer’s music is back and that’s all I can ask for. What do you think of the score?

1. The Same Answer
5. This Is Hell
6. Jim’s Return
7. Strange Sort Of Force
10. Comfort and Survival
13. The Heart Of Our Society
14. A Man For Others
15. Message To All Of Us
16. Dear Family And Friends

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