Soundtrack Review: John Carter

Soundtrack Review: John Carter

John Carter Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score John Carter by Michael Giacchino.

“This score pretty much equals the best scores of last year, it’s that good!”

John Carter is an science fiction film that features the famous character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs and so follows the plot of the book “A Princess of Mars”. John Carter is a former confederate captain who is mysteriously transported to Mars where he becomes part of a conflict between the various nations of the planet. Directed by Andrew Stanton and starring Taylor Kitsch, Willem Dafoe and Lynn Collins this film (from what I have seen) is going to be a big hit. The composer is Michael Giacchino.

Track List

1. A Thern for the Worse *****
2. Get Carter *****
3. Gravity of the Situation *****
4. Thark Side of Barsoom *****
5. Sab Than Pursues the Princess *****
6. The Temple of Issus ****
7. Zodanga Happened *****
8. The Blue Light Special ****
9. Carter They Come, Carter They Fall *****
10. A Change of Heart *****
11. A Thern Warning ****
12. The Second Biggest Apes I’ve Seen This Month ****
13. The Right of Challenge *****
14. The Prize Is Barsoom *****
15. The Fight for Helium *****
16. Not Quite Finished ****
17. Thernabout ***
18. Ten Bitter Years ****
19. John Carter of Mars *****

Ever since I read Michael Giacchino’s interview in FSM and heard a few samples of the score I have been excited about the soundtrack to John Carter. Giacchino and the interviewer promised a great orchestral score, one that is a bit special. Of course, a natural sceptic like me had trouble believing it, but then there were the samples that sounded so good. Is this the score to finally bring back the massively epic action orchestral score?

In a word: Yes!

From the first cue ‘A Thern for the Worse’ you’ll hear why this score is very special indeed. Great bold orchestral action scoring is something that is pretty much non-existent in recent years. Sure there has been a few, but none that I can think of last year that really took it to another level. John Carter delivers! I was moaning about 2012 after the first 7 or 8 scores released this year, but this score makes me forget all that. In fact, this score pretty much equals the best scores of last year, it’s that good!

You can hear the wonderful John Carter theme in ‘A Thern for the Worse’ and other cues, sounds a bit like “Lawrence Of Arabia” or some old James Horner. The best theme is the John Carter escape theme heard in ‘Get Carter’. It’s wonderful and makes me so happy, but it’s a shame we don’t hear it again in the score. So short, but so wonderful.

There are massive themes and massive action that brings a little bit of middle east, a little bit of stone age (with Giacchino-ish percussion) and most of all, it brings back memories of how great a John Williams or Jerry Goldsmith action score used to sound.


John Carter will absolutely and without a doubt be one of the best scores you’ll hear all year. It has everything from massive epic themes to proper orchestral action cues to jaw-dropping choir sequences. Ever since Star Trek I wanted something like this from Giacchino and now I do! I guess I can’t praise it enough, so I’ll stop right here. Just go out and buy this!

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