Soundtrack Review: Jordskott Season 2

Soundtrack Review: Jordskott Season 2

Jordskott Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Jordskott by Erik Lewander & Olle Ljungman.

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Jordskott is a 2015 Swedish crime fantasy thriller television series directed by Anders Engström & Henrik Björn and starring Moa Gammel, Göran Ragnerstam & Richard Forsgren. Jordskott follows police detective Eva Thörnblad (Moa Gammel), who returns to her hometown of Silverhöjd, seven years after her daughter Josephine disappeared beside a lake in the forest. Josephine’s body was never found and it was presumed that she had drowned. Upon Eva’s return, a boy is missing and Eva begins to look for similarities between this disappearance and that of her daughter. At the same time, she has to deal with the death and probate of her late father and his large timber felling and processing business, Thörnblad Mineral & Cellulosa. This review is for season 2 which began to air October 15 in Sweden. The score is composed by Erik Lewander & Olle Ljungman.

Jordskott season 1 had some great music to it. Erik Lewander, Olle Ljungman & Iggy Strange Dahl created the music. I notice that in some sources there’s only Erik Lewander & Olle Ljungman attached this time, but I could be trusting the wrong sourced. In any case, Jordskott had a nice thriller-y feel about it without getting too boring. I’m hoping season 2 will continue on that path. I am still on season 1 so I haven’t gotten that far yet. The score opens with ‘Intro Theme II’ and this is the season 2 opening theme and it’s very powerful and big sounding. The fiddle you hear is put there because of Swedish classical music. We have similar in Norway as well. Great theme.

Maybe in season 2 they go to Stockholm because there’s ‘Stockholm Theme’. Yeah I know, it’s some nice sleuthing on my part. The theme is fitting of the Jordskott universe. It starts slow but then accelerates into a more busy motif. Stockholm is busy after all. Season 2 also includes a silent man, but luckily the music isn’t and the two cues dedicated to him is a very exciting and stirring experience in very different ways. You’d be surprised at how I looked when I heard the opening of ‘Silent Man II’, but it fits nicely with the main music which gives the silent man a powerful voice. This score is only around 18 minutes long so it’s not a nice feeling to finish it. It almost feels incomplete, but I know that every cue has a powerful scene or story behind them and it’s put to really good use here. It is a while since I listened to Jordskott, but I believe it’s gotten much darker in here. The music is certainly keyed up for that and this is what you’re getting and I like it quite a bit. Check it out!

1. Intro Theme II
3. Silent Man
4. Dr. Parker
5. Silent Man II
6. Unresolved
9. Tom’s Theme
10. E.N. Theme
11. Roos Theme

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