Soundtrack Review: Killing Gunther

Soundtrack Review: Killing Gunther

Killing Gunther Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Killing Gunther by Dino Meneghin.

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Geek Score: 86.6
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 10.2
Album Excellence: 35.2%

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Killing Gunther is a 2017 American action comedy film directed by Taran Killam and starring Cobie Smulders, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Allison Tolman. A comedy set in the world of contract killers. A group of young, raw and undisciplined assassins hire a docu-crew at gun point, to have undeniable proof that they’re the ones who will kill the most infamous hitman of all time, Gunther. But Gunther is on to them before they know it and he makes it his personal mission to make their lives a living hell. It becomes a race against time: kill or be killed, as the hunters quickly become the prey. The score is composed by Dino Meneghin.

I really like that Arnie is having some fun again. He’s not all action all the time and this could be good for him. Trailer makes it look watchable at least. The composer Dino Meneghin recently got his Teen Wolf score released and now this. I’m thinking he has gotten a very good representation now since before Teen Wolf there was hardly anything to find. I liked Teen Wolf and wonder if he can go two for two with Killing Gunther. Meneghin starts with a suite. Risky. ‘Gunther Theme Suite’ has a secret spy feel over it. The opening feels like a lost cue from the James Bond universe. It transitions into an action-filled epos and then into some polka. Yeah, it’s weird, but also mildly entertaining I have to admit. It is a suite after all and I’m worried if this is the best the score has to offer.

But wait there’s more. ‘Sanaa’s Story’ is an Indian sounding piece, slow but really good. It would be easy to just go with the three varied pieces in the suite and make a score out of it, but luckily the score has far more depth than that. It is quite a varied score though bringing both calm minimalism and modern action scoring together. The action pieces are probably the weakest of the score and it’s the more calmer side of this score that makes me excited. That being said, I really enjoy the heavy percussion in cues like ‘Finding Feizmark’, that’s a far more enjoyable action cue than for example ‘Loose Cannons’. The cue is perhaps a bit too long though. Should have stopped while it was far ahead. ‘Bodies Confirmed’ is the perfect little action package. It sounds like I’m a little harsh on the score, but the overall impression I have on it is that it’s a good score and there’s not a single cue I didn’t enjoy at some level. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but that was never on the table to begin with. It works really good on album and probably even better in context. Check it out and hear for yourself.

3. Sanaa’s Story
4. Mission Failure
7. No Place To Go (Gabes Theme)
9. A Little Bit Personal – Remembering Blake
10. Blakes Package
11. Bodies Confirmed
19. Ashley’s Passing
20. Hit Baby

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