Soundtrack Review: Killzone 3

Soundtrack Review: Killzone 3

Killzone 3 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the game score Killzone 3 by Joris De Man.

“Great fun, awesome action, fantastic score”

Killzone 3 is the PS3 exclusive shooter everyone wants which now includes integration with the PlayStation Move system. More kills, more fun! The struggle against the Helghan empire continues as they learn more about the Helghan culture and tjeir struggle within. Continuing after the great job he did on Killzone 2, composer Joris De Man returns once more to do justice to this game series.

Track List

1. Main Menu – And Ever We Fight On *****
2. Birth of War – Dies Irae *****
3. Just a Moment Ago ****
4. Stahl and Orlock Square Off ****
5. No Exit Strategy *****
6. ‘I’ll Get You Home’ ****
7. Unfair Fight & Captures ****
8. Frozen Shores Rescue ****
9. An Unwelcome Discovery ****
10. Moving Will Kill You ****
11. ‘You’ve Discovered Energy Shielding’ *****
12. ‘What If I Just Killed Everyone?’ ****
13. Stahl Almost Gets Away ****
14. Pyrrhus Outskirts – Fortification ****
15. Pyrrhus Outskirts – Hammer ****
16. Pyrrhus Outskirts – Sniper Crossfire ****
17. Pyrrhus Outskirts – The Boys Are Back In Action ****
18. Pyrrhus Outskirts – Grab That Minigun! ****
19. Helghan Jungle – The Horror, The Horror! **
20. Helghan Jungle – Darkness **
21. Helghan Jungle – I Am The Hunted *****
22. Helghan Jungle – Helghast Spotted! ****
23. Frozen Shores – The Bomb is Set ****
24. Frozen Shores – Flight of the Intruder *****
25. Frozen Shores – Escape On The Team *****
26. Frozen Shores – Jetpack Flight *****
27. Frozen Shores – Enter The Wasp *****
28. Stahl Arms – Exploring Stahl Arms ****
29. Stahl Arms – Battle My Own ****
30. Stahl Arms – The Icesaw Chase ****
31. The Scrapyard – Fight on a Crane *****
32. The Scrapyard – The Mobile Factory ***
33. The Scrapyard – The Heavy Returns ****
34. The Scrapyard – Don’t Mess With the MAWLR ****

Have you heard the score to Killzone 2? If not, I urge you to go and get it right now. It’s one of the finest examples of game scoring today. So the pressure is on for composer Joris De Man as he steps into the world of Killzone once again. Killzone 3 seems to be organized different than Killzone 2 judging by the the 34 tracks.

The first track is even called ‘Main Menu – And Ever We Fight On’ which indicates the track list of a game rip, but this is actually the original score being sold on iTunes and others. Furthermore, it is separated into scenes like ‘Pyrrhus Outskirts’, ‘Helghan Jungle’, ‘Frozen Shores’, ‘Stahl Arms’ and ‘The Scrapyard’. I don’t think I remember a game score being organized by this, but then again I am getting old and my memory fades day by day.

What doesn’t fade is my love for great orchestral scoring and here Joris De Man comes to the rescue once more. The first couple of cues ‘Main Menu – And Ever We Fight On’ and ‘Birth of War – Dies Irae’ includes everything you need. Exciting orchestral stuff with some impressive choir work as well.

Main Theme

There is a main theme here as well, but in my opinion it is not as good as the one in Killzone 2 which was spectacular. What you get with Killzone 3 isn’t a score full of themes, but great orchestral action scoring.

If you thought game scores couldn’t match the most epic of film scores, then listen to what Joris De Man has come up with for this great game.

There are very few filler tracks here as most tracks keep to the same successful formula as in Killzone 2. Everything has a purpose and just a couple of times Joris takes us into game scoring ambient land with ‘Helghan Jungle – The Horror, The Horror!’ and ‘Helghan Jungle – Darkness’. It’s no biggie as it’s only three and a half minutes of it. The score is 1 hour and 22 minutes so it’s packed to the brim with excellence.

My favorite scene from the fame is ‘Frozen Shores’ and that includes 4 killer tracks from the score. Although short, they never fail to impress. The action sequence in ‘Flight of the Intruder’ includes pretty much everything you desire in a top notch action track.


So Joris, you have done it again. You have created yet another great score for the Killzone series of games. I simply love this score which will I know will grow on me as I listen to it. I have constantly edited the track ratings as I listen to it more, and it is always up, not down. I should probably go back and edit this review later as the 4 star cues creeps up to 5 on a more regular basis. Great fun, awesome action, fantastic score. Go get it!

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