Soundtrack Review: King Arthur Legend Of The Sword

Soundtrack Review: King Arthur Legend Of The Sword

Soundtrack Review: King Arthur Legend Of The Sword

King Arthur Legend Of The Sword Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score King Arthur Legend Of The Sword by Daniel Pemberton.

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King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword is a 2017 British-Australian-American fantasy action film directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Charlie Hunnam, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey & Jude Law. The young Arthur runs the back passages of Londinium with his crew, not knowing his royal lineage until he grabs Excalibur. Instantly confronted by the sword’s influence, Arthur is forced to make up his mind. He joins the rebellion and a shadowy young woman named Guinevere. He must learn to understand the magic weapon, deal with his demons, and unite the people to defeat the dictator Vortigern, the man who murdered his parents and stole his crown to become king. The score is composed by Daniel Pemberton.

I remember when I was a kid and being told the story of King Arthur and the sword in the stone. In a young mind, that was quite a powerful image and it soon became the stuff of legends. Over the years, quite a few adaptations of the legendary story has found it’s way to the big (and small) screen, but I have to admit that my interest level hasn’t been that high. When Antoine Fuqua made King Arthur in 2004, I became largely obsesses by the epic score by Hans Zimmer. Still to this day, it’s one of my all time favorites. Now is the time of Guy Ritchie and being an unconventional guy who’s history is filled with unconventional scores when compared to the modern scoring landscape, I’m intrigued, because the movie looks so big and epic. The score teases you with a short opener, ‘From Nothing Comes A King’ and it’s a very nice teaser. The music feels like it could fit in ancient times with horns and strings. The title cue is next, ‘King Arthur Legend Of The Sword’ and it’s more traditional sounding music except it has the percussion power of modern music. I also hear a bit of Sherlock Holmes in there. The bass guitar is out of place, but being a guy Ritchie film, it doesn’t surprise me that it’s there. I like it though, like it quite a bit.

Speaking of unconventional, there are cues here with all sorts of gimmicks like shouts and breathing, and if you were expecting a more traditional fantasy action epic score, then you won’t find it here. This is for the fans of scores like Sherlock Holmes. It also reminds me a bit of Haslinger’s score to “Shoot ‘Em Up” at times. Sometimes it becomes too much though, but I wouldn’t call it unlistenable, far from it. It’s all interesting and somewhat unique, but not everything works in my opinion. There are a few conventional tracks as well. ‘The Legend Of Excalibur’ which is a very good theme, a bit epic and a nice build up. Same with ‘The Born King’. I think this will be a divisive score having an equal share of people who love it compared people who hate it. What it is though, is another feather in the cap for composer Daniel Pemberton who certainly shows how versatile he can be. Going from “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” to “Steve Jobs” to this is like night and day in terms of type of music. It’s an intriguing score with quite a few highlights to explore.

1. From Nothing Comes A King
2. King Arthur Legend Of The Sword
3. Growing Up Londinium
5. The Story Of Mordred
7. The Legend Of Excalibur
11. Tower & Power
12. The Born King
15. Fireball
19. The Lady In The Lake
20. The Darklands
21. Revelation
22. King Arthur Destiny Of The Sword
23. The Power Of Excalibur
24. Knights Of The Round Table
25. King Arthur The Coronation

27. The Ballad Of Londinium
28. Riot & Flames
32. The Devil & The Daughter

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