Soundtrack Review: Kiss Me, Kill Me

Soundtrack Review: Kiss Me, Kill Me

Kiss Me, Kill Me Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Kiss Me, Kill Me by Jonathan Dinerstein.

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Kiss Me, Kill Me is a 2015 American thriller film directed by Casper Andreas and starring Van Hansis, Gale Harold and Brianna Brown. While confronting his unfaithful boyfriend, Dusty blacks-out. When he comes to, his boyfriend has been murdered and he’s the prime suspect. The movie is crowdfunded thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign which funded $131,231 to make it a reality.

With movies like this, crowdfunding becomes a viable option to get any film funded. This opens up possibilities and one of those possibilities is what I’m about to listen to. I haven’t heard of the composer either so that’s exciting. The score opens with the main title ‘Kiss Me, Kill Me (Main Titles)’, a very interesting opening cue. It’s interesting because it feels a bit like 80s/90s thriller music wrapped with a noir setting. I kind of like it. It sets the tone well. I like the jazz elements. I hope the score continues to play on that. The main theme was a bit bombastic though and the next couple of cues are very different, soothing and lovely. I love that jazz trumpet, particularly in ‘Love Theme From Kiss Me, Kill Me’. It’s a classy instrument.

They wanted to make a modern take on the classic film-noir genre, and at least musically they have succeeded. The jazz works beautifully and although it might be a bit too smooth sometimes, I love it. I wouldn’t mind some more crime jazz, more high-tempo perhaps, but still classy. when I listen to this music I see black and white interiors, I see blinds, I see the shadows of the street lights outside hitting the face of some femme de fatale sitting in a detective’s office. It evokes that kind of mood and it’s exciting. The music makes me want to see what it’s all about, it makes me want to watch it and not only this one either, but more classic film-noir films. I didn’t used to like them or their music, but now I eat it all up and it tastes delicious like this brilliant score. the more up-tempo crime jazz didn’t appear in a form I would have liked though. The action music is tense, but it’s less jazz I feel and more thriller music. Still, it’s only a small niggle into one of this year’s most positive surprises. I really think you should pick this one up.

1. Kiss Me, Kill Me (Main Titles)
2. Open Your Eyes
3. Love Theme From Kiss Me, Kill Me
4. The Suspects
5. The Hospital
6. The Funeral
7. The Wrong Man
8. Lose Love
10. Kiss Me
11. An Only Child
14. Clarity
15. South London Lane
16. The Seduction
18. The Aftermath
19. Revelations And End Titles

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