Soundtrack Review: Kiss The Devil In The Dark

Soundtrack Review: Kiss The Devil In The Dark

Soundtrack Review: Kiss The Devil In The Dark

Kiss The Devil In The Dark Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Kiss The Devil In The Dark by Gerrit Wunder.

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Geek Score: 95.7
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 19
Album Excellence: 61.3%

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Kiss The Devil In The Dark is a 2015 horror short film directed by Jonathan Martin & Rebecca Martin and starring Dameon Clarke, Amrita Acharia and Doug Jones. Marcus, a powerful sorcerer who is desperate to save his dying wife, makes a deal with the demon Dagon to save her soul. Dagon, however, has more in mind for Marcus than just a simple exchanging of souls. With seemingly no other choice, Marcus accepts, thus catapulting him into a series of events that will reveal to all involved the very meaning of betrayal. The score is composed by Gerrit Wunder.

This short film is a successful Kickstarter project and it runs only around 30 minutes, the same as the score. I love that. The score to full length features can be shorter than that, but here the music is front and centre. Wunder is new to me as a composer and I’m ready to welcome some horror. The score opens with ‘Opening’ and already I’m impressed. This sounds good. The quality of the music is what I would expect from a much higher production, but Wunder goes all out with choirs and everything. Well, now I’m really impressed. What a great way to start the score. ‘Let Her Live’ is another impressive cue with some soulful string play. From one impressive cue to the next with ‘Dragged To Hell and Titles’, and the power of this score is big, it’s huge.

This score reminds me when I heard Eckart Seeber’s very few scores, how impressive they sounded and yet I had never heard of the guy and it was for rather unknown movies as well. This is what I love about this genre. You never know what you will get. You can guess and sometimes you are right, but sometimes, someone like Wunder knocks one out of the park and that’s no easy feat. I listen to a lot of horror music and this is best compared to Seeber’s work or early Christopher Young, Hellraiser and the like. It really sounds like a million bux to use that old overused phrase. It is shiny, professional and a true pleasure to listen to. Now I wish there were more, a lot more. 31 minutes will not do, it will simply not do. And yet, that’s all we get. I’m crying. I need more of this. Wunder has impressed me so much that his name will be remembered and I will look for whatever project is next.

1. Opening
2. Let Her Live
3. Dragged To Hell and Titles
5. Vanessa
6. Keepers Of Secrets…
7. We Wake Thee
8. There Is No God
9. All This For Her
10. To The Last Man
11. I have Long Waited Your Blood
13. I’ll Come Back For Them

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