Soundtrack Review: Krampus

Soundtrack Review: Krampus

Krampus Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Krampus by Douglas Pipes.

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Geek Score: 82.2
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 24.6
Album Excellence: 31.2%

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Krampus is a 2015 American horror comedy film directed by Michael Dougherty and starring Adam Scott, Toni Collette and David Koechner. While the holiday season represents the most magical time of year, ancient European folklore warns of Krampus, a horned beast who punishes naughty children at Christmastime. When dysfunctional family squabbling causes young Max (Emjay Anthony) to lose his festive spirit, it unleashes the wrath of the fearsome demon. As Krampus lays siege to the Engel home, mom (Toni Collette), pop (Adam Scott), sister (Stefania LaVie Owen) and brother must band together to save one another from a monstrous fate. The score is composed by Douglas Pipes.

Are you all getting in the holiday spirits? Well the city streets are filled with Christmas lights and the shopping windows have magically transformed into a Christmas showcase so I guess it’s coming soon. Beware of Krampus now. Any relation to The Grinch? Anyway, I’m excited for Douglas Pipes return. Not that he’s been away, it’s just been slow regarding any official releases. If he can conjure some of the mood he created for Trick ’r Treat or Monster house that he did 8–9 years ago we will have an exciting time ahead of us. The score opens in the most creepy way possible, with howling wind, emphasis on howling in the opening cue ‘A Cold Wind’. And of course there has to be some Christmas bells as well. I can’t remember a more creepy sounding wind effect in a score. ‘Dear Santa’ is next and now Pipes is unleashing his comical talents. Sadly, I am not amused. ‘Family Reunion’ is slightly better, a bit gothic, dark, but also whimsical and comedic. I really hope that the score doesn’t stay in this mode, otherwise i will be grumpy, Grinch-like grumpy.

See, cues like ‘The Wish’ is way way better than the comedic stuff. It has a bit of Christmas magic about it and it’s also sounding dark and ominous. I like it. Another cue that’s great is ‘The Snow Beast’ and particularly ‘Creatures Are Stirring’ which features some proper action and chanting as well to fill your horror spirits. The ‘End Credits’ is particularly tasty. Unfortunately there aren’t all that many highlights on the score. It has moments like ‘Season’s Eatings’ action sequence but it feels a bit overachieving and too pushy for me to truly be able to love it. It’s not a bad score though, it’s quite good, but I was hoping for something more. What do you think of the score?

1. A Cold Wind
5. The Wish
11. The Snow Beast
18. Creatures Are Stirring
20. Elfen
23. Sacrifice
24. End Credits

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