Soundtrack Review: L’ Arche et les Deluges

Soundtrack Review: L’ Arche et les Deluges

L’ Arche et les Deluges Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the documentary score L’ Arche et les Deluges by Gabriel Yared.

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L’ Arche et les Deluges is a 1993 French documentary film directed by Francois Bel. This documentary film is about one of the most essential principles of life: water. Everything about it, the elements of water, the minerals, the landscape, the plants, the animals feature in this rich documentary. The score is composed by Gabriel Yared.

The score opens like a horror film score, big brass plus percussion with ‘A L’aube Du Temps’. Wow this was dark, terribly dark. It really sounds like the monster of the deep is coming to get you. I’m terrified now. Wonder what’s next. Maybe the title cue ‘L’arche Des Deluges’ will be different. It opens with the sound of ocean and then the music, and what music. I love it. It’s super dramatic. It sounds like a 40s/50s Rozsa epic for the first minute. It then changes completely into a sweet lyrical theme. Well this certainly was a lot of fun. More like that please. Yared is as inventive as he’s ever been here and the experimental music in ‘Reflet De Lune’ is an example of that. I prefer the epic violent orchestral music and luckily ‘Ventre Marin’ has got me covered.

What kind of documentary is this? It’s sounding as a battle of life and death between angels and demons. I’m fascinated by this and terrified at the same time. What comes next? That’s the question I constantly ask myself, but lets forget what’s next for a while and just listen to the music as is, because this is ranging from the amazing to the mundane. Maybe that dramatic cover art should have given me a heads up. It looks like 70s science fiction art and I love it. The experimentation is actually only a small part of this score. It’s real identity and strength is the classic and big orchestral scoring that’s quite similar to some of the music that was coming out of Japan for their Symphonic suite records to various Animes in the 80s mostly. The only niggle would be that there isn’t enough lyrical music to keep me entertained. There’s only so much direction-less dramatic music I can take, even if it sounds amazing. Music like ‘Oasis Terre’ should be all over this score, but it’s mostly dramatic music just for dramatic sense and nothing else. Still, for lovers of dramatic old school orchestral music, there’s plenty here to enjoy.

2. L’arche Des Deluges
4. Ventre Marin
5. Les Cites De Cristal
8. Oasis Terre

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