Soundtrack Review: La Cieca Di Sorrento

Soundtrack Review: La Cieca Di Sorrento

La Cieca Di Sorrento Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score La Cieca Di Sorrento by Carlo Savina.

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25 tracks
64 minutes of score
Geek Score: 72.8
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 8.32
Album Excellence: 13%
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La Cieca Di Sorrento AKA Revenge Of The Black Knight is an Italian 1963 drama film directed by Nick Nostro and starring Diana Martin, Anthony Steffen and Leontine May. It’s a cloak and dagger film based on the 1852 novel of the same name by novelist Francesco Mastriani. The English title is “The Blind Woman Of Sorrento”. It is about an aspiring doctor whose father was executed for killing a noble woman. He eventually finds out that it was his own boss who ordered the killing. The boss i believe is Amedeo who is the tutor of the beautiful, rich and blind orphan Isabella. The doctor falls in love with her and is leading the fight against Amedeo as a leader of a group of masked knights. The score is composed by Carlo Savina.

The opening theme ‘Seq 1’ as a wonderful classic adventure sound about it. 30 seconds in, the romance starts because it is about a doctor’s love for a woman who is unaware of her tutor’s evil side. Yeah, this is dramatic and at the same time, I can definitely see an epic romance here. Love the sound of this opening cue. Brilliant. ‘Seq 2’ ins’t any less dramatic, in fact it’s even more. It’s swashbuckling fun! Savina is using a lyrical approach to the music even in the middle of the most dramatic moments which is superb to listen to on album and I bet even more in context. From 2:25 though is a light and fun moment, like a dance in the fields, upbeat and optimistic. ‘Seq 3’ also has these fun moments, but they are only brief, because the drama is heavy and undeniably the most important aspect of the music and the film. The action springs out in ‘Seq 6’, horns blasting, percussion hits you like thousand horses, yeah this is fun! The knights must be called to action. Lovely horn work as well, giving a little fanfare about 45 seconds in.

When the depression sets in, it hurts musically. ‘Seq 9’ and ‘Seq 10’ are hard to play through. They are musically sound and does play on the feeling of sadness, and it works. I’m just not in the mood for that at the moment, not at this level. There’s lyrical music and to someone’s ear they might be beautiful, but to me, I feel I want to skip them. Then there are cues like ‘Seq 13’ and ‘Seq 14’ which are mainly “sound effect” cue with eerie space-y sounds and percussion. I kind of like them actually, but I can’t listen to those for hours. After the sound effect cues comes another bunch of depressive drama and I’m getting bored quickly. What a relief ‘Seq 20’ is, even though it’s just carnival music. I feel like the happiest person in the world listening to it, even swaying on my chair as the waltz hit 2 minutes in. Lovely! I’m overcompensating, but lovely!

This wasn’t the score I had hoped it would be after being presented with a couple of great opening cues. The drama soon became very depressive and I felt trapped. Maybe I could have enjoyed it in a different setting, but as of this moment, I couldn’t really care for it in the end. I got bored. So sadly, It’s not a score I enjoyed very much, but I’ll have to give this another chance at a later date.

1. Seq 1
2. Seq 2
6. Seq 6

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