Soundtrack Review: La Donna Degli Altri E Sempre Piu Bella

Soundtrack Review: La Donna Degli Altri E Sempre Piu Bella

La Donna Degli Altri E Sempre Piu Bella Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score La Donna Degli Altri E Sempre Piu Bella by Carlo Savina.

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La Donna Degli Altri E Sempre Piu Bella is 1964 Italian comedy anthology film directed by Marino Girolami and starring Walter Chiari, Franco Fabrizi and Maria Grazia Spina. This is an anthology film of five “episodes” which show Italian peoples pathological unfaithfulness in marriage. There are “Bagnino Lover”, “I Promessi Sposi”, “La Dirittura Morale”, “La Luna Di Miele” and “La Natura Vergine”. The score is composed by Carlo Savina.

This score was released as a limited edition by Saimel in 2012, but this new 2015 Cinevox edition seems to be the exact same program, so limited no more! The score starts with the very sexy and alluring ‘Momento Sexy’ which could mean a sexy moment. It’s smooth jazz mixed with a little bit of a higher tempo jazz, but what key is that it’s very sexy. It’s also a bit strange in places, giving it a comedic feel. To name a few, there are mouth harps and swinging horns. Still, I think it’s awesome. Top marks from me. Next up is ‘Misterioso Arabesco’ which hints (in name and music) that it has something to do with Arabic culture. Like the previous cue, it also changes a bit, going into comedy and shifting genres. I’m used to hearing Savina in a more “big” sounding scores, but this cool jazz score have been excellent so far. Further cemented by ‘Al Night Club’, a sexy jazz cue, I’m convinced that this is a side of Carlo Savina that I love.

There’s not only jazz here though. There’s also a more 60s American rock’n’roll flavoured cues like ‘La Festa’. Savina is not American, but he sure had no problem emulating American music as proved here. After listening to this score I am wondering if Jerry Goldsmith and particularly Robert Folk was inspired by the first half of ‘Danza Scozzese’ for Patton/Police Academy. The similarities are striking. Love it though. It wouldn’t be Italian 60s without some tango so Savina provides that as well in ‘Tango Popolare’. Scores like this is for me personally a journey back in time. It’s partially an escape as well, an escape from the world of modern film scoring. They literally don’t create scores like this anymore. So take a journey back in time and enjoy a different kind of Savina. At least it was different than what I have heard from him. This is more like something Andre Previn could have created in his hey day. Absolutely fun and well worth a listen (or three).

2. Momento Sexy
3. Misterioso Arabesco
4. Al Night Club
5. Tensione Buffa
6. La Festa
8. Danza Scozzese
10. Misterioso Arabesco (Take 2)
11. Burlesco
12. Bossa Nova Al Sole

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