Soundtrack Review: La Garconniere

Soundtrack Review: La Garconniere

La Garconniere Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score La Garconniere by Mario Nascimbene.

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La Garconniere AKA The Bachelor Apartment is an Italian 1960 drama film directed by Giuseppe De Santis and starring Raf Vallone, Eleonora Rossi Drago and Gordana Miletic. It tells the story of Alberto (Raf Vallone), a building instructor who repeatedly cheats on his wife Giulia (Eleonora Rossi Drago) with young fashion model Laura (Gordana Miletic) in an apartment he rented in a popular neighborhood. Giulia follows her husband, finds out the truth and decides to leave him. Eventually the couple gets back together but things will never be the same again. The score is composed by Mario Nascimbene

This score is not to be confused with The Apartment, also from 1960 because when I googled La Garconniere, the information for Billy Wilder’s The Apartment appeared. Strangely that one is also about extramarital affairs. Anyway, on to the music. The score opens with smooth dreamy jazz in ‘Seq 01’ and smooth dreamy jazz happens to be one of my favourite genres so you could say I’m extremely pleased. ‘Seq 02’ is the prefect companion cue, less smooth, just as much jazz and a little bit busier as well. I love it. The affair bit has to be a bit sexy as well, and there’s few genres more sexy than jazz. It’s seedy as well, downright dirty even (if your mind is that is).

Outside of the jazz cues, well there aren’t really, but there are some less jazzy cues which are good, but not quite as intoxicating as Nascimbene’s lovely love affair with jazz. For the first part specially, you are going to have to love the main theme as it’s repeated a lot. In fact, it’s almost the only thing I remember from the first 11 cues. But then it changes a bit, going more guitar than woodwind, but I do prefer the saxophone, the flutes, the trumpet, the wonderful jazz of cues like ‘Seq 18’. Now that’s sexy music. And there’s still a lot of music if you loved that opening theme by the way in the second half so don’t worry about that. I love this score, no doubt about it, but it can be a bit dull at times. I would think that it could be even more sexy, have a little bit more punch and more to play on, but still, this is a wonderful little jazz score, a gem really, at least for me. What do you think of the score?

1. Seq 01
2. Seq 02
3. Seq 03
4. Seq 04
5. Seq 05
7. Seq 07
9. Seq 09
10. Seq 10
11. Seq 11
13. Seq 13
15. Seq 15
18. Seq 18
19. Seq 19
20. Seq 20
21. Seq 21
22. Seq 22
30. Seq 30
31. Seq 31
32. Seq 32
33. Seq 33
34. Seq 34

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