Soundtrack Review: La Glace Et Le Ciel

Soundtrack Review: La Glace Et Le Ciel

La Glace Et Le Ciel Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score La Glace Et Le Ciel by Cyrille Aufort.

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La Glace Et Le Ciel AKA Ice And The Sky is a 2015 French documentary film directed by Luc Jacquet and starring Claude Lorius, Michel Papineschi and Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Drilling down the Antarctic icefields in the 1950’s, the former brought about a sweeping change in our vision of the world as they discovered the origins of climate change. Today, the latter offer new means for transforming man’s imprint on its environment. With Ice & Sky, Wild-Touch and Luc Jacquet travel back to the genesis of collective intelligence and forge a bond between the past and present stakeholders and the general public. Stemming from such a promise, a dynamic will encourage each one of us to join forces and respond to climate change, and together rewrite the rules of our future society. The score is composed by Cyrille Aufort.

The climate will always be a hot topic, particularly for documentaries but with more documentaries comes more music so I say bring it on. I hope that the beautiful imagery of our planet has inspired Aufort to write a stellar score. ‘Il Etait Une Fois Un Jardin’ and I had to translate that as I have to with every cue. Literally Google translated it into “Once Upon a Time a Garden” and that sounds good to me. As good as it sounds on paper, the music has to be even better and I’m happy to day that it is. I love this opening cue. It’s a soft orchestral mix of synths and strings, changing as the cue goes. It feels majestic and that’s always a great thing when viewing and thinking about majestic landscapes. ‘Premier Depart’ which didn’t translate to anything useful is far more clumsy in it’s approach, but it’s a sturdy cue, nothing too special, a bit fast paced and it even includes the Desplat bass line. The next one ‘L’annee Geophysique Internationale’ which is something about an international geophysical year is far more fun with nice epic choirs to add to the music.

Speaking of epic. The first time I heard ‘Les Cristaux’ which means “Crystals” I was paralysed. Now this defines beauty to me. It just struck me and goosebumps ensued. A stunner and a competitor for cue of the year for sure. This score is a little gem, varied and fun. It sounds majestic really! Check out the Russian male choir at ‘Vostok’ and tell me you aren’t impressed. I was and still am. This is a keeper!

1. Il Etait Une Fois Un Jardin
3. L’annee Geophysique Internationale
4. Arrivee En Antarctique
5. Au Revoir Et A Dans 1 An
7. Les Cristaux *
10. Le Thermometre Isotopique
15. Vostok
17. Nous Modifions Le Climat
18. Souvenirs
20. Theme De La Glace Et Le Ciel

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