Soundtrack Review: La Ligne Droite

Soundtrack Review: La Ligne Droite

La Ligne Droite Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score La Ligne Droite by Patrick Doyle.

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21 tracks
40 minutes of score
Geek Score: 83.8
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 9
Album Excellence: 22%
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La Ligne Droite is my 10th choice for Patrick Doyle Month. This is another collaboration with director Regis Wargnier and is about the sport of blind running. I’ve never seen the movie, but I’ve always thought the score is quite lovely. The score is quite minimalistic, using not a full orchestra but just a few musicians. There are some lovely cello sequences in this one and sometimes the music feels like flying. The score is quite dramatic I thought, Philip Glass kind of dramatic.

This score is indeed lovely, but I must admit that the love I had for it has dissipated a bit. I literally used to praise this score and shower it with 5 star cues. Either my taste has changed or I have gotten stricter on giving out 5 stars. It has it’s moment in glory such as ‘You Tricked Me!’ and ‘Yannick Falls Overboard’, and granted the score as a whole is holding a very high standard. There’s nothing to dislike here, just less to really love like I used to.

9. You Tricked Me!
11. Stealing A Car
13. Yannick Falls Overboard
15. Playing Bridges
17. Triple Training

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