Soundtrack Review: L’affaire SK1

Soundtrack Review: L’affaire SK1

L’affaire SK1 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score L’affaire SK1 by Christophe La Pinta & Frederic Tellier.

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Geek Score: 90
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 18.4
Album Excellence: 56%

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L’affaire SK1 is a 2014 French Thriller film directed by Frederic Tellier and starring Raphael Personnaz, Nathalie Baye and Olivier Gourmet. The film chronicles the hunt and trial of a serial killer, dubbed “The Beast of the Bastille”, in the 1990s. The term, “SK1”, refers to “Serial Killer 1”, a codename given by the police to the first serial killer who was identified and arrested via DNA analysis in France. The score is composed by Christophe La Pinta & Frederic Tellier.

‘Premieres Photos’ starts the score with a growl of a bass, slowly vibrating, and the mood is set. It’s a dark and disturbing mood, a bit scary, but not too much (yet). The melody played by strings is a minimalistic one and not something to hold on to. The big thing for me though is the way it makes me feel. The music is soothing, but also quite thought provoking in it’s simplicity. ‘Avallon’ continues the mood. It’s like a sequel cue where nothing much has changed. We’re still in this dark and gloomy world. Same melody, same feeling. It’s an enjoyable world to hear (and no doubt watch) though. ‘Bateau’ is more dramatic. The strings give the feeling of tense drama, particularly in the second half and then in the end, there’s a ticking clock percussion. ‘Maternite’ is a quite a bit calmer, a nice warm piano creates the warmth and a slow heartbeat percussion. You don’t need any more to create a great mood, a great cue. There’s something beautiful about this score. ‘SK1’ for example. Some might say it’s just 5 minutes of noise and droning, but I say it’s a beautiful minimalistic piece of music, and it’s very effective. I think it’s beautiful, even though it’s pretty much 5 minutes of the same. The percussion beat is adding flavour to the music and it works perfectly.

This score is remarkably consistent and confident in it’s message. When you have heard the opening cue and also the dramatic strings in ‘Bateau’ you’ve basically heard the whole score. There are small variations, but that’s basically it. The good thing is that you don’t need a lot of time to find out if you like this or not. If you don’t like ‘Premieres Photos’ or ‘Bateau’, then you’ll not enjoy the rest of score. If you do like those, you are going to enjoy the fact that there are plenty more like it in the short but efficient score. There’s one exception for the rule, but it’s a big one. The final cue ‘Generique De Fin’ is a beautiful violin based cue. Stunning and very different from the rest of the cue. It’s like everything just opened up and dark rain turned to bright skies and sunshine. I really enjoyed this score as you can tell and I’m curious if there are more fans out there.

1. Premieres Photos
2. Avallon
3. Bateau
4. Maternite
7. SK1
10. La Traque
14. Generique De Fin *

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