Soundtrack Review: Le Vent Des Regrets

Soundtrack Review: Le Vent Des Regrets

Le Vent Des Regrets Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Le Vent Des Regrets by Ivan Palomares.

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9 tracks
13 minutes of score
Geek Score: 88.8
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 5.9
Album Excellence: 45%

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Le Vent Des Regrets is a 2014 French drama film driected by Olivier Vidal and Sebastien Maggiani and starring Alain Depardieu, Louka Minnella and Pascal Turmo. This movie is set in in 1985 where Eugene is getting out of prison and has a fateful meeting with a teenager, Ralph, on his way to the beach.

We start with ‘Souvenir D’enfance (Childhood Memories)’ which for me doesn’t really start until 55 seconds in because that’s when two of my favourite instruments starts to play, the cello and piano and it’s so dark and beautiful. The sound of it is really excellent. Shame about the first 55 seconds which can only be contributed to a slow start. ‘Generique (Opening Credits)’ is another cello and piano piece and it plays the same motif introduced in the previous cue, but this time with much more power and grace. This is really beautiful. The orchestral music fills me with joy. ‘Enfant De Demain (Child Of Tomorrow)’ is quite similar, but this time I don’t feel it enough. Maybe it’s too quiet. ‘Je Donne Rien (I Give Nothing)’ sounds like it could have been amazing, but only 24 seconds isn’t enough to really showcase what it could have been. Still a great little cue though.

‘Jeux (Games)’ is a playful cue, mostly piano and strings, not really going anywhere, but a nice listen nevertheless. ‘Le Temps Perdu (Lost Time)’ contains a beautiful motif, and this one is more loose. What I mean is that it’s feel more free, more eccentric maybe, it doesn’t feel connected, even a bit messy, and I really enjoyed that. This was good. The longest cue on the score is called ‘Les Regrets (Regrets)’ which never quite gets going, but there’s something beautiful, emotional, about the piano in the second half of that score. Almost touched me deeply, but barely scratched the surface. Getting close to the end now with ‘Le Depart (The Departure)’ which is about to make me cry. The strings play with such power and belief and the motif is heartbreaking and then comes the solo cello and I’m sold. This is gorgeous. The last cue on this very short score is ‘Generique De Fin (Closing Credits)’ which is a lovely piano and strings cue and I can’t really tell if it ended badly or well. The music doesn’t give me any hints, more of an indifferent ending I guess, but musically it is still very good. I’m glad I gave this score a chance even though it is so short. It is a piece of musical heaven at times and is a little gem that should reach more ears out there.

2. Generique (Opening Credits) *
4. Je Donne Rien (I Give Nothing)
6. Le Temps Perdu (Lost Time)
8. Le Depart (The Departure) *

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