Soundtrack Review: Legends Of Chima Volume Two

Soundtrack Review: Legends Of Chima Volume Two

Legends Of Chima Volume Two Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Legends Of Chima Volume Two by Anthony Lledo.

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I recently reviewed Legends Of Chima, a great score from the television series LEGO Legends Of Chima which I assume was music from the first season. That was released in 2013 by MovieScore Media. Two years later they finally release volume two which has music from season 2 and 3 but is still of quite a short length. We’re in the magical world of Chima where animal tribes who once were friends, fight it out to get their paws on the mystical stuff of Chi which gives them powers to do amazing things like fly and fight with added strength. I imagine the hatred between them hasn’t lessened between season 1 and 2 (and 3) so there’s plenty to quarrel about still. The music is still composed by Anthony Lledo.

‘Return Of The Heroes’ says it all as well, the heroes return obviously, and the music is heroic. It is using the great theme Lledo created for ‘Laval The Lion’. The heroic bash only lasts about a minute though. There’s another theme at 1:10, a softer more beautiful John Barry-esque sweeping romantic theme with horns, flute and strings. It’s like three musical pieces in one, because from 2:20 the action part starts, and this is perhaps the most fun part of the cue while still using familiar themes, but more bold, more energy. One of my criticisms of the first volume was the lack of true standout cues. It was a niggle though, because most of the score was a rather excellent listen. Parts of ‘Return Of The Heroes’, particularly the final part shows again the potential the music has. There were moments like this in the original score as well, but it’s not consistent enough. ‘Into The Outlands’ is struggling with the same. It starts as a rather dark and moody cue and then from around 2 minutes or so goes into a strong action sequence which I’d love to hear a lot more of, perhaps 2–3 minutes more, but it’s not to be. There was one cue I didn’t enjoy at all on the first volume and that was the ‘Rhinos’ cue which was a comedic mess. I think the Rhinos might have stumbled into volume two as well because the first 90 seconds of ‘The Dark Tribes’ is very similar before it takes a more darker, sinister route. It does get a lot better. I love the part from 3 minutes, with that pirate-like swashbuckling action music. Quite excellent.

‘The Phoenix’ is the best cue on the score with a beautiful heroic theme for the first 90 seconds, but that’s not all. In the second half of the cue, there’s another heroic theme, but this time dark and inspired by the military. Some more lovely easy-on-the-ear music in ‘Hills Of Chima’ that has an Irish sound to it thanks to the flute which definitely sounds like it came straight out of an Irish jig. In volume one Lledo had a few classic “Pirates Of The Caribbean” moments and in ‘Frozen Land’ I feel it again, it’s a fun nostalgic sound that hasn’t gotten old yet. ‘Victory’ is the final cue and yes, it’s a victorious cue, a bit of a silly one, but victorious nonetheless, but it serves as an excellent end to another great score in the Chima series.

Legends Of Chima Volume Two is perfect if you enjoyed the first volume. The music is largely the same, a few new motifs here and there, but mostly the same style. It might appear a little darker, at least it did to me, but it’s really not that much. It’s a great score, fun and lively from start to finish. If you haven’t given the world of Chima a chance, you need to pick up this one and the first volume ASAP.

1. Return Of The Heroes
2. Into The Outlands
4. Ancient Hunters
5. The Phoenix
6. Hills Of Chima
8. Frozen Land
9. The Tale Of Tormak
10. Victory

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