Soundtrack Review: Les Saisons

Soundtrack Review: Les Saisons

Les Saisons Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the documentary score Les Saisons by Bruno Coulais.

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Seasons AKA Les Saisons is a 2015 French-German nature documentary film directed by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud. After traveling the globe to draw wings with migratory birds and surfed in all company oceans whales and manta rays, Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud return for this sequel on more familiar land. They take us on a wonderful journey through time to rediscover these European territories we share with wild animals since the last ice age to the present. Winter lasted 80,000 years when in a very short time, a huge forest covers the entire continent. A new global configuration and everything is upset. The seasonal cycle is taking place, the landscape changes, the flora and fauna are changing. The story begins… In a lengthy ice age followed by a deep, rich forest and then under the leadership of new men, a smiling campaign. The Seasons is a sensitive and unprecedented epic that chronicles the long and tumultuous shared history that binds man to animals. The score is composed by Bruno Coulais.

Bruno Coulais is a lot of things. He is a very varied composer and he is usually an excellent documentary composer. Combine these two things and we might have something stellar here. I just hope this score can deliver the goods. The score opens with ‘La Part Sauvage Du Monde’ a tale about animals in the woods, maybe. What it is though is a very mysterious sounding opening theme. It has the air of magic over it, forest magic. There’s also a nice glass instrument used in the beginning which gives the cue something extra. The theme itself is also quite good. The cue could actually have been a bit shorter actually and it’s not often I say that, but I think it would best if it teased with it than go all out. My favorite part is the opening with the theme played in a serene calming manner. ‘Les Territoires Inacessibles’ is a rather triumphant piece of music, maybe more fitting as a main theme. It’s certainly has a nicer theme than the opening one. Still, the varied part I mentioned in the beginning. No need to completely change the piece in the middle, but that’s what happens and I’m not a fan.

Coulais knows excellent music, but he also knows how to frustrate. Maybe it’s just me, but he seems to be intent on changing the script in the middle and leave me with unfinished business. No it’s not personal of course, but it’s not giving me what I want the most, to let the great music be great and the good music be good, but in separate cues. Still there are examples that he does exactly like I want. For example the cue ‘Le Temps Et Le Froid’ he keeps the “honorable” sound of it to the bitter end. There are a few cues like that, but overall I have to say that Coulais let me down a bit. And that beautiful cover art too. Ah well, it’s still a good documentary score, just not as good as I’d hoped.

5. Le Temps Et Le Froid
10. Au Loin
11. Le Survol

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