Soundtrack Review: Life Of Pi

Soundtrack Review: Life Of Pi

Life Of Pi Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Life Of Pi by Mychael Danna.

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Geek Score: 90
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 39.4
Album Excellence: 60.7%

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Life Of Pi tells the amazing story of Piscine Molitor ″Pi″ Patel, a boy born in the the French quarter of India. It tells of how he got his name and how he became a legend at his school and his journeys to sea. He tells this to a writer who’s struggling with his second book. He was told to meet this guy called Pi because he had such amazing stories to tell. What I didn’t know is that it’s based on a book by Yann Martel. The movie is directed by Ang Lee and he won an oscar for Best Achievement in Directing for this movie. The music is composed by Mychael Danna who won an Academy Ward for best score in the 2013 ceremonies.

The score stars with some beautiful imagery of all these animals and some very beautiful Indian music called ‘Pi’s Lullaby’. At this point I’m thinking that this is pretty great and pretty Indian. Now, I assumed that someone like A.R. Rahman is they guy you want for Indian music, but Danna has written Indian music before and he did a great job so I’m not worried. So Mr. Pi or Piscine Molitor Patel has a theme and it’s called ‘Piscine Molitor Patel’ and it’s a nit dreamy and very French. I was wondering what kind of theme would him because he follows like 78 religions and living in the French quarters of an Indian town called Pondicherry. Well the cue does change a bit into Indian near the end because thats part of his identity. I guess Danna and Lee wanted to keep the religion out of it for now. The quaint town of Pondicherry has two parts, one that looks like it could be on the French riviera and one that is well set in India. This cue is mostly French though.

Krishna was the first God Pi knew and ‘Meeting Krishna’ is the result. A beautiful cue, set for the heavens or rather the universe, a bit dreamy and heavenly methinks. ‘Christ In The Mountains’ starts off great, but lose its identity near the end a bit. So this mysterious Richard Parker that Pi met on the sea is actually a big Bengal Tiger. His theme ‘Richard Parker’ is more of a discovery theme than an actual theme for the character. The thing about “Life Of Pi” though is that, as lovely as the music might be, it starts to feel like the same music playing again and again. Still, there’s something to be said for repetition when it’s based on great material. I’ll fight for that. The danger of course is that you could tire of it, even though it’s pretty great materal. I am hoping that Danna mixes it up a bit in the second half of the score.

‘First Night, First Day’ has a definite goosebump moment. The music is more western, but damn that voice Danna has included in the cue is amazing and the theme is brilliant. Top notch! ‘Orphans’ is a similar cue, but wihtout the voices. Still one of the best cues on the score. The end of ‘Tiger Vision’ is also stunning despite that cue dragging a bit before the finale. ‘God Storm’ is a big sounding cue, and overly dramatic. Just being dramatic isn’t enough though, but it’s a good cue overall. It’s a perfect transition to ‘I’m Ready Now’ as it’s a beautiful and religious sounding cue, I’m thinking about the choir. The motif itself is also wonderful. The over 8 minute long ‘Back To The World’ is also one cue everyone can enjoy. It’s simplistic, has great themes and doesn’t rely on Indian flair. The ending is as beautiful as most of the score has been. ‘Which Story Fo You Prefer?’ I prefer this one.

Life Of Pi is a wonderful score if you enjoy Indian music and that’s pretty much it. Sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy including a couple of great themes, but I’m here for the Indian music and so are you. It is great and not to compare, but it’s just as good as A.R. Rahman would have done, I’m quite sure about that. The music does appear to regress a little in the second part of the score but that’s alo where you find the best cues so don’t miss out. Listen to it all! I’m curious about your thoughts on this score. Is it as great as I think it is?

1. Pi’s Lullaby *
2. Piscine Molitor Patel
4. Meeting Krishna
6. Thank You Vishnu For Introducing Me To Christ
9. Anandi
10. Leaving India
11. The Deepest Spot On Earth
12. Tsimtsum
14. First Night, First Day *
17. Pi And Richard Parker
21. Orphans *
24. I’m Ready Now *
25. The Island
26. Back To The World
28. Which Story Do You Prefer? *

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