Soundtrack Review: Limitless

Soundtrack Review: Limitless

Soundtrack Review: Limitless by Paul Leonard-Morgan. This is a review of the film score Limitless by Paul Leonard-Morgan.

Paul Leonard-Morgan provides us with something fresh and unique.

Eddie Morra is a washed out good for nothing author who can’t produce a single idea anymore. His life is passing him by and when someone offers him a pill that can give him limitless creativity and mental powers, he swallows it. He get everything he has ever dreamed of, but of course, the pill has a dirty backside. Directed by Neil Burger, starring Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish and Robert DeNiro and composer is Paul Leonard-Morgan.

Track List

1. Opening *****
2. Psyched ***
3. Trading Up ****
4. Eddie Knows What To Do ****
5. Trippy *****
6. I Still Love You ****
7. Limitless *****
8. Coming Up ****
9. Lindy and Eddie Reunite ****
10. Walk Home ****
11. Down the Hatch ****
12. Escaping Tancoat ****
13. Hiring Eddie ****
14. Van Loon ***
15. Hiring Bodyguards ****
16. Lindy Chase *****
17. Lindy Leaves Eddie ****
18. Thrashed Hotel ****
19. Phone Tap ****
20. Apartment Carnage ***
21. Eddie is Sick ***
22. You Want More? ****
23. Eddie’s Back ***
24. Gennady Drop In ****
25. Happy Pills *****

This movie seems like a trip and composer Paul Leonard-Morgan seems like a good fit. After working for the British TV series Spooks for a few years (which he was nominated for a BAFTA), he turns to American cinema without holding back.


Going straight at it with the opening cue ‘Opening’, the trippy and unorganized opening quickly becomes a slight addiction of mine. Then we hear the main theme which is based on 4 simple notes that seems perfectly fitting for the movie. A little uneven, but hum-worthy moment of film music history.
A word of warning. If you hate the main theme, then this is not for you. It is used extensively in pretty much every track without making the whole score feels a repetitive and dull.

For a movie like this, you don’t want a standard orchestral score, and I think Paul Leonard-Morgan has hit the bullseye and you can understand why he was chosen for this movie. His bio says he is very sought after because of his unique style, and I can see that.

It’s not Thomas Newman unique (when he once was unique), but it’s close. I am liking this and want to hear more.


Paul Leonard-Morgan provides us with something fresh and unique. He is taking what he knows and pushes the envelope further. His main theme and the trippy style of the score is well worth the price of admission. What’s even cooler is that with his trippy style, the score never feels odd. It feels just right to me and I would only love to hear more of what he is capable of.

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