Soundtrack Review: Lola Versus (2012)

Soundtrack Review: Lola Versus (2012)

Lola Versus Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Lola Versus by Fall on Your Sword.

“Sometimes you just want ‘simple and nice’ music and Lola Versus deliver just that.”

Lola Versus is a comedy directed by Daryl Wein and starring Greta Zerwig, Zoe Lister Jones and Hamish Linklater. Dumped by her boyfriend just three weeks before their wedding, Lola enlists her close friends for a series of adventures she hopes will help her come to terms with approaching 30 as a single woman. The composer is Fall On Your Sword.

Track List

1. Beach Dream 80
2. Opening Titles 80
3. Lola Workout 40
4. Pregnancy Test 60
5. Encounter at Pratt 60
6. Strip Club and Aftermath 80
7. The Godfather Break-Up 60
8. Luke’s Apartment 80
9. Walk to Water 80
10. Lola’s Dream 100
11. The Picnic 100
12. Reconciliation 80
13. End Titles 80

Fall On Your Sword, aka Will Bates and Phil Mossman are multi-media composers who has been composing for TV and film since 2010. Last year they composed the film score for Another Earth. Their style is light electronica from what I have heard so far and Lola Versus is no different. This score is however better than “Another Earth” for a number of reasons.

One of the reasons isthat it’s very catchy as you only have to listen to a the first couple of opening cues ‘Beach Dream’ and ‘Opening Titles’ to get addicted enough to hear more. It’s not all great though and a couple of cues have you scratching your head like ‘Lola Workout’ which is a very slow starter, but it doesn’t seem to get very far.

There’s a couple of great electronica themes in ‘Lola’s Dream’ and ‘The Picnic’ which are both light, easy to listen to and catchy. The main theme heard in ‘Lola’s Dream’ is quite nice on the ears (you can hear it in the underscore as a bass line). ‘The Picnic’ is just an all-round great theme that’s easy to like. This is a post-rock kind of song that’s far too short.


Lola Versus is a very pleasing score in many ways, mostly because it’s easy listening and catchy. Sure, the simplicity might be too simple at times and there’s no way your mind get challenged in any way listening to the score. I just hope the film is more challenging than the score. Sometimes you just want “simple and nice” music and Lola Versus deliver just that.


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