Soundtrack Review: Lovebirds Rebel Lovers In India

Soundtrack Review: Lovebirds Rebel Lovers In India

Lovebirds Rebel Lovers In India Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the documentary score Lovebirds Rebel Lovers In India by Mauro Crivelli.

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Lovebirds: Rebel Lovers in India is a 2012 Indian-Italian documentary film directed by Gianpaolo Bigoli. Lovebirds are young rebel lovers that risk their life just to stay together. They escape their families and persecution from India’s ancient tradition of prohibiting marriage outside one’s caste or religion. Different stories of lovebirds on the run interweave in a poor shelter in New Delhi. There to help them is Mr. Sachdev who leads the Love Commandos, a group of Indian activist supporting their rebel choices.

Love is a dangerous thing in some countries where parents even goes to the length of killing their young ones in the name of honor. I love the idea behind Love Commandos, and what a name! I’m sure they put themselves in danger as well for helping young lovers like the couple featured in the film. The music though, what about that? I’m hoping, since it’s in India, that I’ll hear some Indian music of course. Other than that I have no expectations. The score opens with ‘Lovebirds’ and it’s Indian music for sure, but a bit strange? The music seems to twang up and down quite a bit, and that can happen, but it’s a bit too much. ‘The Shelter’ isn’t doing me any favors either. The main instrument here is the voice and that’s usually a great thing except it’s like the composer has sampled a voice and using keyboard to just play a melody cutting it off in weird ways and not caring about the pitch at all. ‘Honour Killing’ is a lot better I feel. The composer successfully creates a nervous mood and sparsely playing a melody on top.

This is going to be another one of those scores I think is best enjoyed in the film. It’s just not working for me and it’s not the lack of Indian music that’s the problem. It’s just feels so disconnected. That is, I feel so disconnected with the music. They are just individual pieces to me and I can’t even imagine a story being told. It’s a shame, because I love Indian music and I had hoped and expected that a lot more proper Indian music would be featured. There are pieces here and there but it’s not the best pieces and far too little in any case. Maybe it will grow on me, but I don’t see it happening sadly. What do you think of the score?


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