Soundtrack Review: Lucifer’s Angels

Soundtrack Review: Lucifer’s Angels

Lucifer’s Angels Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Lucifer’s Angels by John Delvento.

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Lucifer’s Angels is a 2014 horror film directed by Ricky McDonald and starring Theodore Bouloukos, Aris Bayizian & Brian McDonald. A thriller filled with classic horror elements that focuses on 3 different parties, whom all eventually cross each other’s paths in a remote area of the Catskill Mountains. A group of four friends on their first camping trip together, a ghost hunter and his fiancé from NYC, and a father and son who live in the woods. They all unknowingly enter into a world of hate, betrayal and revenge, fueled by events that took place involving four inmates at the King Lakes Psychiatric Hospital for the Criminally insane, back in 1978. It has been rumored that the area of the Catskills our characters travel to is haunted, and over the years, many disappearances have been reported. The score is composed by John Delvento.

The score is definitely in horror land with very dark sounds using instruments and effects. Small shrieks here and there, big percussion booms followed by ambient sound design. Only in a few cues like ‘Lucifer’s Angels’, ‘A Ghost Story’ and ‘I Made A Deal’ I find some kind of motif, but even that one could be part of the same mood that Delvento is creating. I really enjoy sound design like this, because it evokes certain moods and I think that’s something a lot of composers can do better.

This score doesn’t offer much beside great sound design though and that’s something you should be aware of before you listen to it. I didn’t find any cue that really stood out for me, but on a positive note, it’s very consistent with the sound. It sounds exactly the same from beginning to end and if you enjoy that sound, then you’ll enjoy all of it.


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