Soundtrack Review: L’Uomo Che Sfido L’Organizzazione

Soundtrack Review: L’Uomo Che Sfido L’Organizzazione

L’Uomo Che Sfido L’Organizzazione Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score L’Uomo Che Sfido L’Organizzazione by Luis Bacalov.

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L’Uomo Che Sfido L’Organizzazione AKA One Man Against the Organization is a 1975 Italian thriller film directed by Sergio Grieco starring Howard Ross, Karin Schubert and Stephen Boyd. An airport employee switches a pack of drugs for baking soda and absconds to Barcelona, meanwhile the drug-runners are on his trail. The score is composed by Luis Bacalov.

I’m not too familiar with Luis Bacalov’s crime scores so this should hopefully get very exciting. Recently released by Beat Records, I had to get it after listening to the brief sound samples. The score opens with ‘Titoli’ a cool 70s crime cue featuring whistling, yes whistling. Isn’t that awesome? I think it is. It’s funky, fresh and fun to listen to. It also has a comical side to it as you’ll find out in the second half of the cue. A little teasing and fun. ‘Chase’ is funkalicious. This is top notch 70s chase music and puts the F in Funk. Tema means theme right? Well ‘Tema Mack Versione Fischio’ is a cool whistling theme. I had to Google it, but fischio apparently means whistle so that makes sense. There’s another version of the same theme called ‘Tema Mack Versione Oboe’ which features the oboe, but I prefer the whistling. There’s also a voice edition called ‘Tema Mack Versione Voce’ which also works really well. The theme isn’t the greatest though, but the voice and the whistling makes it much better than it is.

Speaking of themes, there’s a very strong love theme simply called ‘Love Theme’ which is a very nice jazz cue. I’m thinking lounge and relaxing with a couple of drinks in a penthouse apartment. Yes, this is smooth and nice and I love it. The “big” cue is of course ‘Fandango’ which is a suite of all the fun stuff in the score. It’s 7 minutes long and is a really great listen. It is somehow less funky and more disco though, but still it’s great stuff not to be missed. Finally near the end there is a single version of Fandango called ‘Fandango (Single Version)’ which is basically a shorter 4 minute version of the original 7 minute cue. Both work great depending on how long you want to listen to them. No need to listen to both though as they are pretty much the same. The sound samples might have tricked me a little bit because I feel a bit deflated after listening to the score. It’s still a good score and it has some excellent cues, but I was expecting fireworks. Not a lot of fireworks, but the little there is makes it worthwhile for me.

1. Titoli
2. Chase
5. Love Theme
9. Fandango
11. Deadly Pursuit
17. Fandango (Single Version)

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